Menu Plan Wednesday!

I know, normally I do this on Sunday evening but we were still out in the woods with no wifi and on top of that, I didn't know what was going to be left over to eat when we got back.

As it turns out, quite a bit. Instead of camping in tents and cooking over the fire as we had planned, we ended up in a cabin (thankfully, since it rained like crazy). But I wasn't able to prepare some of the things we had planned because of no fire and now we need to eat them up or toss them out, and I don't care to waste that much food!

Oven Roasted Game Hens
Pasta (Knorr's Spinach Alfredo - one of Colby's favs)

Breakfast for Dinner! I promised Colby I would make Sourdough pancakes since we didn't get to have them for breakfast this weekend.
Fried Ham - left over from camping
Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

Grill Hot Dogs (if the weather permits, otherwise I might do pigs-in-a-blanket)
Laura's Mac Salad - left over from camping
Maryann's Baked Beans - also left over
Watermelon -yes, left over

Finish off what ever left overs are around! Grilled cheese sandwiches and chips.

Hopefully the left overs will be gone! And, Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to grill something, like some Chicken!
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Steamed Broccoli and Carrots

Make sure to check out the MPM event over at Orgjunkie for great recipes and meal inspiration!

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ahorne said...

We love, love, LOVE breakfast for dinner. Sounds like lots of fun!