5 things for this week

Finally back in civilization after 4 days in the woods. We had meant to camp in our tents at Beaver Lodge but got lucky when a cabin became available because it was pouring buckets! Many thanks to Rick and Kim for thinking of us!

I was pretty please with myself since I got everything done I had planned on last week.

1. Replant the lettuce - for some reason I simply cannot determine, it isn't coming up. And the seeds were new! Plant the Spinach.

2. Get all the laundry done before leaving town.

3. Go through the camping boxes and make sure we have everything we need plus take out stuff that we won't need this trip. Pack clothes for trip. It's going to be on the cool side so we will need coats.

4. Grocery shopping for camping trip.

5. Clean the house before leaving, I hate coming home to a messy house after being gone.

It was so nice coming home to a clean house and clean sheets! 

Here is my list for this week:

1.  Re-organize the camping gear.  It was just tossed into the boxes when we packed up to come home.  I did get a better idea of what is really needed when we're camping so the gear is going to get slimmed down quite a bit.

2.  Clean the office again.  It was the one room I ignored before leaving town.

3.  Go through my coupon binder and file, get rid of expired ones, clip new ones.

4.  See if I can get the zipper on my favorite jeans fixed.  Darn thing broke while we were camping!

5.  Inventory the freezer.  My weekly meal plans have been altered at the last moment a few times because I didn't have what I thought I did.  I didn't make a meal plan for this week but we have alot of stuff left over from camping anyway so we will finish it off. 

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Maggie said...

How funny to see the Beaver Lodge! My parents have cabins on Thomas Lake and my dad loves to take the kids over to the Beaver to pick out ice cream treats! Glad you were able to get a cabin!

Leah said...

We really like the area :)