Menu Plan Monday

I don't know about everyone else, but I am actually looking forward to Monday. Whew! We had a busy weekend!

I have mentioned before that my parents and my family live in the same house. It's not like they live with us, or we live with them, but that we live together. Someday I will explain how it all came about....Anyway, we did a ton of yard work this weekend that should have been done last fall but I couldn't do it because I had been sick. Our backs are killing us! Hopefully we will have recovered by Friday because the weather is suppose to be good that day and we still need to get the garden spots ready for planting.

Before I went back to work a few weeks ago, I did most of the cooking (because I do most of the shopping) but now my mom is doing the bulk of the family meals on the weekdays. We have been relying quite heavily on the Freezer Cooking Stash I put in about a month ago while my mom was over on the coast helping my gramma out, and the crockpot as well. I don't go into work until around noon most days so I can start the main dish before I leave or we can pull it out of the freezer and then all she had to do is the sides.

Here is this week's menu:

Monday -
Penne Pasta Bake w/meatballs - made three pans today (Sunday), 2 for the freezer.
Cottage Cheese
Green Salad

Tuesday -
Chicken, Broccoli Rice Casserole (from the freezer)
Garlic Toast

Wednesday -
Leftovers - always exciting :)~

Thursday -
Savory Pork Roast, from the *Fix-It-and-Forget-it Cookbook.
Baked Sweet Potatoes
* I expect that at some point I will be getting a Cease and Desist letter from Phyllis Pellman Good for sharing the recipes we use from her book, but they are just so darn good and easy I can't help myself :)

Savory Pork Roast
4 -5 lb. Pork Loin Roast
1 large onion, sliced
1 bay leaf
2 TBLS soy sauce
1 TBLS garlic powder

1. Place roast and onion in the slow cooker. Add bay leaf, soy sauce and garlic powder.

2. Cover. Cook on high 1 hour and then on Low 6 hours.

Friday - Stuffed Cheese Burgers w/bacon (from the freezer)
Parmesan Noodles

Saturday -
Tacos w/ Indian Fry Bread

Big Freezer cooking day! My DH brought home some big packages of short dated hamburger last week but we didn't have time to break it up before freezing so we will be making bunches of stuff up. And, if you have an awesome Hamburger recipe that freezes well, I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT! Please leave me a comment w/your link so I know where to find it :)

We plan on making:

Taco filling
Shepard's Pie
Italian Seasoned Browned Hamburger (for Spaghetti and such)
Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole

Sunday -
Breakfast for Dinner, either these delish Sourdough Pancakes or Christmas Breakfast (bacon and cheddar version), not decided yet.

So, what you eating this week? Need some inspiration? Go check out the MPM at the Orgjunkie for great dinner ideas!


ahorne said...

Your Indian Fry Bread looks exactly like something hubby & I used to have years ago... puffed tacos. Think I'll give it a try!

joelle said...

I LOVE that Fix it and Forget it cookbook!!! So many good recipies in there and my favorite part - Sooo easy! :-) My family is always on the go - I use my crock pot at least 2-3 times a week! It's a smaller one that my hubby and I picked up at a garage sale for $5 BEFORE we were even married! I don't even think we were engaged yet! We just had our 12 year anniversary . . . . That little crock pot has been awesome!