That Pizza Penne Pasta Bake

Since it seemed to generate the most interest on my meal plan this week I thought that I would talk about it a bit more.  As everyone knows, we are participating in the Eat from the Pantry Challenge and going into week 3 of it has presented opportunities to become more creative with the smaller selection of food stuffs we have in the house and be less wasteful with it as well. 

Last week, my boy was jonesing big time for pizza, it is one of two things he will eat.   I had a couple pieces of Indian Fry Bread left over from Taco night and a jar of Margherita style Ragu.  It is seasoned with pizza spices instead of spaghetti spices, so I put together a couple little pizzas for him.  I don't think he really cared all that much for it being on Fry Bread, but it effectively ended his little hunger strike.

Obviously, it is one of those dishes that don't require a recipe, just your basic pantry stuffs like pasta, tomato sauce, a few spices.  It can be seasoned anyway  with any pasta you like.  It's really nothing to brag about.  But, it a good example of  how easy it can be to pull together a cheap and tasty meal without taking all day to do it.

I was very pleased with the way it turned out, I didn't waste the jar of Ragu, used up a bag of pasta that needed to eaten, cleaned out the last of the Mozzarella and parmasan scraps and finished off a bottle of Emeril Italian seasonings (sprinkled on the top) that had been hanging around dying a slow death.

It was delicious, and IMHO, a pantry winner!


Michele said...

You are doing great with your Pantry Challenge. We are eating from our pantry too but I keep filling it with more food. lol Good luck and keep up the hard work.

mom2priceboys said...

This has become a fun game - what can I create with what I have.And, I adore reading what other people are doing with it too.
My basic menu is planned however there are some alterations I can make but desserts and breakfasts are where I am stretching the experimenting,for instance, I made a cake in a bread maker, gonna try brownies next.