I have been freezer cooking my what off?

A couple days ago I got the freezer cooking bug.

I thought it was because I knew I was getting another freezer. I had visions of having it stuffed with ready to go home made meals. How this came about was around 2 months ago my daughter's dryer died. Well, she and her gonna-be-my-grandbaby-daddy are young and struggling to make a house payment (yes, my kids are 20 and buying a house!) they don't have spare cash just laying around for these types of problems.

So, we made a deal, she had a freezer she wasn't using and I needed another one. I called my BIL down at Fred's Appliance and see if we can get hooked up with a deal. Which we did, no prob. The deal between me and my girl was, give us the freezer and some cash (when they happen upon it), we get them a new dryer. It took a while to get the freezer home, with schedules and what-not. We made plans to get it today.

I made:

3 pans of Chicken Enchiladas
3 pans of Penne and Cheese
1 pan of Chicken Cordon Blue Casserole
1 pan of Chicken, Broccoli Wild Rice Casserole
2 Meatloafs
12 Meatloaf Muffins
and, 3 containers of Broccoli w/Cheese sauce.

I am thinking, this is a nice way to go into a new to me freezer :) Life is good, yes?


I am in the middle of powering out some chicken in my pressure cooker for the Casseroles yesterday, just minding my own business and doing my own thing. The phone rings....

It's my sister...

She says, "What are you doing today?"

I say " Cooking."

She says, " Can you come to my office this afternoon?"

I say, "Why?"

She says, "Mr. Boss wants to talk to you."

I say, "Ok, I will be there after I drop the boy off at school."

Back story here, Mr. Boss is my Insurance Agent. I'm thinking, Oh Shit!
What did I do? Am I getting Sued? Did I actually talk that much Trash about Safeway that they are suing me?

So, I go in, and to my relief I am not being sued for talking trash about Safeway, I got a job offer! And, now you all know, I don't care for Safeway.

It has been 6 years since I have worked outside our home. I had planned on going back to work when our boy started school full time, but given how the economy is I was really freaking out about it. To have a job just fall in my lap, so to speak, is miraculous.

I told Mr. Boss that I had to talk to my DH and mom about it. We got the details for maintaining the household worked out and as of next Monday, I got a job! I will be working M-TH in the afternoons and I am actually very excited. Not so much about working, but that even after 6 years of not working, my skill set is attractive to someone who has run a successful business for 30+ years in Spokane WA.

So, as it turns out, I wasn't freezer cooking to stuff my "new" freezer, I was doing it because God was cluing me into my new circumstances.

I am not - by any means- a religious person. But, signs are what signs are. And I am thankful to God for kicking my butt into gear so that while I transition into being a worker bee again, we will still have good meals to eat :)


Michele said...

Congratulations! Welcome to the working world.

Leah said...

Thanks :) Gives me a opportunity go do a bit a clothes shopping this weekend too!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new job!!

And is the pressure cooker not the most awesome thing for batch cooking? I love mine. You should check out Lorna Sass's pressure cooker cookbooks. I did a day with back to back meals, prepping the next meal while the last was in the cooker, and it made 10 meals in under 8 hours. (Plus two in the crock pot!) It is just fantastic!

I got the rice coupons today - thank you again!

Leah said...

I am so glad to hear you got my letter.

I am all about my Pressure Cooker. I will be getting in touch with you for recipes soon :)

Couponaholic said...

Congratulations Leah...that is exciting!

Peta said...

Congratulations, that is great news..

Kate said...

Congrats on the job! That IS a blessing today! Good job on getting the freezer stocked too :) God does work even when and where we don't expect it ... those meals will be a life saver I'm sure! Did I miss news about Ginger??? It's great that they are buying a house! Are they filling it up to?

Misty said...

Thanks for the recipes. I'll be using a few of them. Congrats on the job!