Meal Plan Monday

Well, we are going into week 3 of the Eat from the Pantry Challenge and amazingly enough are still doing fairly well in regards to eating from the Pantry, but not so good about staying out of the grocery store! Too much free stuff and good deals....If there is such a thing!

Anywho, we are going to have to do some shopping this week because we are running out of eggs and getting dangerously low on cheese, an item that we eat a lot of.

You can see last week's Eat from the pantry challenge progress report and this week's shopping list HERE.

This week, I don't have an organization goal. We have some heavier housekeeping to do and I will be glad if we get that done. My husband is taking a long weekend (he is really enjoying being in charge of the schedule) but won't be so happy when he finds out that on one of those days he better get the garage cleaned out, cuz I ain't doin it again!

Breakfast this week will the same as always, cereal, eggs, toast...maybe some bacon (if the garage gets cleaned out)

Lunch will be leftovers, sandwiches, fresh fruit and snacky stuff.

Sunday Recap from last week:
Foil Wrapped Steak Supper with Garlic toast. Super easy and very good :)

Dinner menu and chore list for this week:

Monday - vacuum, dust, wash the heater filters.  Me: File Income Tax, Ugg!
Meatloaf - making enough for two nights
Pizza Penne Pasta Bake
Cottage Cheese
Garden Green Beans

Tuesday - Bathrooms, Top-to-Bottom! There are 4 in this house, and they need a good smackin around with a rag!
Sloppy Joes
Oven Fries

Wednesday - Me: Change and wash bedding, pack for a mini get-away with the DH. Mom: Clean out the utility room.
Baked Chicken
Corn on the Cob - the last from the freezer :(

Thursday - Day off!
Mom's Pick (I am out of here!)

Friday - Clean and organize kitchen drawers, get rid of extra junk.
Mashed potato casserole

Saturday - Wash work and school clothes. This is the day the garage better get cleaned out!
Left overs or Pizza - we have been thinking about trying Domino's again....

Sunday - Get garbage out, put away clean laundry.
Appetizer Buffet
I have been wanting to try this Disappearing Buffalo Chicken Dip
BBQ meatballs
Cream cheese won tons
Meat/cheese/veg tray.

Many thanks to I am an Organizing Junkie for hosting the MPM, go check it out for more menu plans and recipe ideas!


WDSTK3 said...

Hey! Goat an extra free pick because of that jacket.

Amiyrah said...

Great meal plan! That penne pizza bake sounds good and I would love to add it to my meal plan for next week. Do you have a recipe? Can you leave it under the comments of my meal plan? Great blog :o)

Anonymous said...

Goat?!? There was a goat involved? What the...no I don't want to know lalalalalalalalalala

Leah said...

Amiyrah, I can't access your blog :( But I do thank you for your kind words about mine :) The penne pizza bake is just going to be a jar of Ragu Margarita Sauce that I opened to make my son a little pizza with a few days ago and it needs to used. Penne pasta and some Italian cheeses thrown toghether in a bowl and baked until bubbly. I am thinking that other pizza ingredients could be tossed in (if I had any), like olives, pepperoni etc.

Thanks again, leave me your blogspot url so I can check out yours :)

Victoria said...

Everything sounds good, let us know how Domino's pizza goes!

WDSTK3 said...

No goat involved...my keyboard doesn't know how to spell. That should be "Got an...". LOL

ahorne said...

Looks like a great week...thanks for stopping by. The pasta sounds yummmm.... I'd love it, but when our big boys were at home, I think I burned my hubby out on dishes like that. I, on the other hand, could eat them every day - LOVE me some pasta!

Keli said...

yumm that penne pizza bake sounds great! I am going to have to add that to our meal plan!