Menu Plan Monday

Going into week 4 of Eat from the Pantry Challenge and I have learned that my shopping habits and my family's eating habits don't really mesh. Something I been thinking really hard about.

My Eat from the Pantry progress report for this last week is HERE. We did pretty good for the first part of the week, but kind of lost it toward the end. While my husband and I went out of town, the mice around here ordered Pizza and had a party. The good part was they ordered enough that there were left overs so on Saturday, when I planned on either left overs or Pizza, there was left over Pizza! Haha!

Our menu this week is, again, based on what is in the Pantry, but I will be buying some items that are on sale this week to re-stock, things like Apple juice, shredded cheese...Fred Meyer has them on ad at good prices so I am going to take advantage of it.

My major organizational goal this week is to go through my closet and dressers and get rid of the clothes that no longer fit me - I have lost close to 30 lbs in the last 3 years - and ones that I just don't wear any longer. They will be donated to the NW Christian Thrift Store. I have been putting it off, mainly because I was afraid that I would gain back the weight and have to buy more clothes, but if that happens, oh well!

Breakfast this week is the same as always, cereal, toast, eggs, sausage this week (got a great deal on Fletcher's links at the Yokes on Indian Trail)

Lunch will be Grilled cheese sanwiches, Oranges/Apples, snacky stuff.

Sunday Recap from last week: Appetizer and munchie day! The guys around here really like this, they get to munch and watch the games. The Disappearing Buffalo Chicken dip was a hit! The mayo mellows out the hot sauce so it has flavor without too much heat. It's yummy, try it :)

Dinner menu and chore list for this week:

Monday - Vacuum and dust, polish wood in front room.
Frito Pie
Cottage Cheese

Tuesday - Mop, polish kitchen appliances, finish sorting out kitchen drawers.
Christmas Breakfast - family recipe!
Fried Potatoes

Wenesday - Errands and Laundry
Hamburger Helper
left over salad
Garlic Muffins

Thursday - Clean office and Colby's room ( I have to do this while he is at school or he has a Fit!)
Left overs

Friday - Go through Closets and dressers, start a donation box.
French Dips
Homemade Oven Fries - I'm using Crystal's recipe from Frugal Chic Living. We can testify, they are delicious!

Saturday - More laundry, drop off donation box.
Crock Pot BBQ boneless Pork Ribs
Baked Beans - not sure if I got any of MaryAnn's left, might have to make some more...
Laura's Macaroni Salad

Sunday - Put away clean laundry, get garbage out.
Shepard's Pie

Many thanks to I am an Organizing Junkie for hosting the MPM, go take a look at all the recipes!


Peta said...

Hi Leah, thanks for visiting my blog..In answer to your question cob loaf is a round bread. You simply hollow it out,warm the cob and the bit's you took out, fill with dip and use the bit's to eat the dip..yummy..
I will post the chicken and broccoli recipe, it is very simple..

Tammilee said...

Congrats on your weight loss! We just cleaned out our closet last week and it felt so good. I was scared to get rid of the clothes worrying that I would not have everything I need. I have found in the past week that I am so much more relaxed when I open the closet doors and love it.

ahorne said...

Leah, I'm laughing about your comment on the Bourbon Chicken on our menu this week... it's a nice change... it's sort of a barbeque/teriyaki-ish kind of flavor and we love it over rice! :)