I love it when....

this happens!!

First, on Friday night, I went to Rosauers and grabbed 4 jars of La Victoria Salsa and a bag of carrots, gave them my quarter and walked out!

La Victoria Salsa, $1.69 x 4 = $6.76
Carrots, $1.49
Subtotal =$8.25
$4.00/2 x 2 La Victoria Rewards Coupons = $8.00 Thanks again Karissa!

Total = .25 cents

Happy Happy!!

Then today at Walgreens,

Wet Ones, $2.00 x 4 = $8.00
Neosporin Lip Heath x 2 = $8.00
Filler item = .39
Tax = $1.40
Subtotal = $17.79

$3.00 RR wyb $15.00 (My dad brought this home a few days ago and I have no idea what generated it.)
$1.50 off 1 Wet Ones PRINTABLE x 4 = $6.00 (Thanks Michele!)
$3.00 off Neosporin Lip Health PRINTABLE (FF here) x 2 = $6.00

Subtotal coupons = $15.00

Total OOP = $2.79

And, I got back a $3.00 RR for buying 2 Neosporin Lip Healths and 2 $1.00 RRs for buying 4 Wet ones, $5.00 in RRs total!

As I was saying, I love it when this happens!


mom2priceboys said...

Great job!!! I have not had that much luck with couponing yet but I am working on it. You are so lucky that your Dad is a great couponer also or at least know not to throw them away and give them to you LOL Somebody trained him right!!

Savannah Wu said...

Wow! I wish I was this good!

Couponaholic said...

Nice Job, Leah! You are GOOD!

Karissa (Couponaholic)

Leah said...

Thanks my friends :) I wish this kind of stuff would happen every day for all of us!

Karissa, I want to thank you again for posting all the La Victoria codes, thats what made the salsa deal possible :)