Help for Haiti - Donate your Swag Bucks!

Like much of the country, and the world, I have been heartbroken and horrified over the devastation caused by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday, January 12th.

This poor little country has had it's fair share of troubles, more like unfair actually. A history of political instability and violence, poverty that even poor Americans cannot imagine, and natural disasters that seem to come around just when they are getting back on their feet from the last one....

Besides making donations directly to the Red Cross and other relief organizations, many MANY bloggers are making donations on your behalf, just for leaving comments, so go and let them know that you are supporting them! What else can you do? Donate your Swag Bucks!

Please consider donating some of your Swag Bucks to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. All Swag Bucks collected will go directly toward donations to three major relief organizations:
* American Red Cross
* Doctors Without Borders
* Yele.org (Wyclef Jean's relief effort)

Here's how the total Swag Bucks collected will be converted into a cash donation:
1,000,000 SB = $100,000.00
750,000 SB = $73,750.00
500,000 SB = $47,500.00
250,000 SB = $23,250.00
150,000 SB = $13,750.00
100,000 SB = $9,000.00
75,000 SB = $6,375.00
50,000 SB = $4,050.00
25,000 SB = $1,925.00
20,000 SB = $1,500.00

In addition to donating all of my own Swag Bucks, if you do not have a Swag Bucks account yet, click here to get one and I will donate all the Swag Bucks earned from your referral to Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund as well! We can double up the amount being donated, and it's a great way to use some of your free time to help the people of Haiti!

My sympathy goes out to the people of Haiti, and my sincerest admiration for the generous people like Money Saving Mom and all the other Bloggers for coming up with a way for all of us to help, even if it is just a little bit.

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liveoncejuicy said...

This is a great idea. I hope you don't mind if I steal it!