Rosauers price recon

Many Thanks to JoDee for doing some price recon at Rosauers and sending me the info on sale items that don't have the prices listed. :)

La Victoria Salsa, $1.69 each.

Nalley Pickles, $2.14 (and she said that there are alot of $2.00/2 hangtags)

Libby Canned Fruit or Vegetables, .74 cents

And, she spotted this hot deal:

Cheese Nips, $1.19 per box
- $2.00/2 PRINTABLE
= .19 cents per box!!

Here are a couple more things I saw:

Tyson Dinner Entrees, $3.49 each
- $1.00/1 (Jan All You)  Oops, my bad, wrong brand.  But, the Tyson Entrees at 5 Mile had .75 cent stickies on them :)
= $2.74

Fast Fixin Chicken or Meatballs, $3.49 each
- $1.25/ (Jan All You)
-$2.24 per bag


JoDee said...

Ok so I tried the La Victoria sala coupon 4/2 and I bought 4 boxes of Cheese Nips and it only cost me .14. They took the coupon no problem with overage!


Leah said...

Sweet :) I did it too, only with a bag a carrots instead and it was only .25 after the coupons!

FastFixin said...

Thanks for mentioning Fast Fixin!