Yokes Fresh Board 10/9 - 10/18

October 9, 2009

A couple months ago, Yokes stopped doing their one-day and Fresh Friday sales and started doing a weekly "Fresh Board".

I rather miss the Fresh Friday Sales, they were fun. They would give stuff away every hour if you were lucky enough to find a number on the floor and hold on to it when they announced the number. Oh Well...

Anyway, here is this week's Fresh Board (I finally figured out how to copy and paste the photo)

Im liking the Eggs, 18 ct for $1.48. If you were lucky enough to get in the B1G1 coupon then your going to be set for eggs for a while, but if not (I wasn't) That is still a pretty decent price for an 18 ct.

Good Price on the Ribeye too, $5.49 lb. It doesn't look like its the Divine Ribeye they have at Christmas but its also about $2.00 - $4.00/lb cheaper then they sell it for around Christmas, and its also about $4.00 less per lb then regular price. Another thing I like about this price and it being at Yokes is that I know they hand cut all the steaks, so if you want thicker steaks or thinner steaks you can call ahead and place an order or if you want a roast they can cut that for you as well and freezer wrap it for no additional charge. And, since they do hand cut it, all the trim goes into the grinder (they grind most of their own hamburger in store as well), so this week you might get be able to pick up some premium ground beef (cuz its Ribeye!) for $1.67 lb! I already have my Christmas Ribeye roast, but Im keeping an eye on the Hamburger, ground Ribeye makes the best Hamburger patties :)

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