Safeway Run

October 10, 2009

Here is what we did at Safeway today:

  • 24 Dentyne Gums @ 1.39 each = $33.36

  • 4 John Morrell Off The Bone sandwich meat @ $4.99 each = $19.96

  • 2 Tillamook Cheddar cheese blocks @$5.99 each = $11.98

  • 2 Cans of Rosarita Refritos @ $1.65 each = $3.30

  • 2 Boxes of Nabisco Graham Crackers @ $4.29 each = $ 8.58

  • 2 Bags of NV Nut Clusters @ $4.19 each = $8.38

  • 1 onion = .51 cents

  • 1.59 lbs Tomatoes = $5.55
Subtotal = $91.12 (my math came to $91.59, but $91.12 was the subtotal at the store before coupons and club card)


  • Dentyne B1G1 Free coupons @ 1.39 x 12 = $16.68 (yes, they scanned at $1.39)

  • John Morrell B1G1 Free coupons @ $3.99 x 2 = $7.98

  • NV Nut Clusters coupon @ $1.60 x 2 = $3.20

  • NV E-coupons @ $1.00 x 2 = $2.00
Total Coupons and OYNO = $30.36

Subtotal = $60.76

Minus Club Card Savings:

  • $2.50 OYNO

  • $12.51 - B1G1 Dentyne Gum Promo (I know that doesn't seem right, but the way Safeway's system deals with the B1G1 promos is hard to explain...once the club card was swiped, it basically removed 12 of the packages from the receipt...so I think its only showing the "savings" for the original 12 packages (?) see the receipt below)

  • $9.98 B1G1 Free John Morrell sandwich meat Promo

  • $3.58 Nabisco Crackers

  • $3.38 NV Nut Clusters

  • $1.30 Rosarita Refritos

  • $4.00 Tillamook Cheese
  • $3.99 Tomatoes

Total Club Card Savings = $38.24

Total for the order = $20.52

I think I got it all but I might have missed something so I scanned the receipt, if you click on the receipt it should open up in another window and you will be able to read it yourself to see how it all added up. I asked the cashier to hit the total button before I gave him my coupons and scanned my club card so I could get the totals and avoid any hassle over using B1G1 coupons with the B1G1 promos. My mom said the front end manager was getting mad...oh well :)~

  • Before coupon subtotal = $91.12
  • After MFR coupons subtotal = $60.76
  • Total after I scanned my club card = $20.52

The bottom of the receipt shows this:

  • Club Card Savings = $38.24
  • Coupon Savings = $30.36
  • Total Savings Value, 77% = $70.60

Anyway, since the gum is free and I still have coupons (Thanks Jody!), Im going to grab a few dozen more and hand those out for Halloween...just in case you were wondering what I was going to do with all that gum :)


Couponaholic said...

Great transaction! Don't you love combining the BOGO :) Handing out gum is a great idea for Halloween.

Leah said...

Thanks :) And thank you for explaining how to work the BOGOs together, I never thought of that before, just goes to show, there is always something new to learn :)

Anonymous said...

Well...I tried to buy the NV clusters at the Valley Safeway and they only took my Ecoupons period. They said they wouldn't take my mfg coupons from a blinkie. WHAT! I left very frustrated. By the way, they said they are fixing their system so it can only take one or the other. Now I don't like Safeway.

Leah said...

Im sorry you had a bad experience :( I don't really care much for Safeway either, generally only venturing into one if I know I can get something for free or super cheap.

Here is a link to Safeways digital coupon policy and it states quite plainly that you can use paper and e-coupons together.

Print it so you can take it with you if you feel like going into Safeway again.

Someone else was saying they were having problems at the Valley Safeway, so I have started scanning my card after I give them my paper coupons at the stores on the northside I shop at just to avoid any potential hassles.