Free Kashi Go Lean Crunch at Safeway!

** Update:  10/17/09
 I just got an email from Becky S. who let me know that Walmart's regular every day price for Kashi Go-Lean is $3.00, she got 2 free boxes today!

Thanks Becky!

If you were one of the Lucky people who received $3.00 off 1 coupons for Kashi Go Lean Crunch from Vocalpoint then you are set to pick up 2 boxes for free from Safeway!!

I didn't see this in the ad, but when I was at Safeway today I noticed that Kashi Go Lean Crunch is on Sale, 2 for $6.00. 

Earlier this week, I was talking to the store manager at the Safeway on Francis and Monroe (I will fill you in on that in a different post).  She mentioned to me that Safeway is launching a new sales campain where they have lowered the shelf prices on hundreds of items and you wont have to use your club card to get the sale price.  Maybe this is one of those items? 

Anyway, Free Kashi!  Yay!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I just got my coupons from Vocalpoint this week. I better get my cereal before they run out. By the way, Safeway isn't my favorite store anymore. They won't take my e-coupons and mfg. at the same time anymore. RATS!

Leah said...

yeah, I hear ya. Send me your email address, I will share a few things I learned about Safeway this week that might make it easier :)

JoDee said...

Target has the Go Lean for 2.75 a box I picked some
up yesterday.

Leah said...

Sweet :) I was planning on holding onto my $3 coupons for a Target gift card deal, but then I thought, a bird in the hand is better then 2 in the bush right? I can't leave free alone :(

JoDee said...

SO safeway isn't taking both e-coupons and mf coupons any more? When did this happen?

Leah said...

Well, they should, according to this:


But, from what I have been hearing, the Valley store in particular is getting weird over it. I have not had the problem myself, and I will be talking to the manager at the Francis store in the next couple of days again, so its on my list of topics to find out about. I will share what I find out, I promise :)

Thomas Paine said...

La Vida Cheapo rocks!

Anonymous said...

I thought you weren't suppose to use a coupon worth more than 50% of the item.

Leah said...

Hmm, Where did you hear that? I got a letter on Saturday from Safeway's Corporate Customer Service, and it says this:

"Customer's will only receive savings up to the price of the item, not beyond price an no cash back".

And, what I have also discerned from the information posted at Safeway.com, that only applies to Internet Printable Coupons anyway.

I am wondering about that myself now though, and have emailed Safeway for clarification regarding the inconsistancy between the information you have shared and the letter I received. I will post the results, I promise :)

Thanks :)