First Squash

September 5, 2009
Its been a while since I did a garden update.

Im thinking that Fall must be here as I picked the first of my Acorn and Turban Squashes today. I just hope Winter doesn't show up too soon, I still have alot of squashes that are still growing. The squash did not do as well as I had hoped for this year. I dont know if it was the lack of Bees - though it seemed like every time I was checking the squash there were plenty around- or if it was the weather or location or what. I know we will have enough for the winter, but Im not so sure that I will have as many to give away and I had thought I would.

The Green Beans are still producing like crazy! I thought that the Bush Beans were done a couple weeks ago, but then we had a cool streak and they started blooming again. The Pole Beans are coming on really heavy now too. Ive been getting some GIGANTIC beans off of them, the sneaky vines like to hide them so I dont find them until they are huge.

I also have a few Raspberries :) I didn't think I would get any this year since we just planted the bushes this spring, so Im impressed.

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Anonymous said...

Go squash!