Fred Meyer Freebies and some more coupon policy information

September 4, 2009

First, the good stuff :)

Fred Meyer at Wandermere is having a Grand Re-Opening this weekend. They have pretty much finished their remodel and now they also have an in-store daycare that is FREE! Gotta love that! And, they are giving everyone a Free re-usable grocery bag too!

So, when you walk into the store there are stands with special store sales flyers on them - Im just guessing that they are for that store only but I don't know, they might be in all of them. Anyway, there are coupons on these flyers. One is for one gallon milk, .99 cents each, limit 2. Another one is for Hershey's candy bars, 4 for $1.00.

I had 2 .55 cents off any one Reeses Peanut Butter candy and 2 B1G1 Free coupons. I got 6 candy bars and made .10 cents :)

6 candy bars @ .50 cents each = $3.00
- $1.00 from the FM store coupon = $2.00
- .50 cents x 2 for the B1G1 Free coupons = $1.00
-.55 cents x 2 MFR = $1.10 taken off = .10 cents overage !

The FM coupon has a limit of 4 candy bars, but you can use the .55 cents off for each one, effectively making up to $1.20 for every 4 that you purchase.

And here is a deal that can be done at Any Fred Meyer. Yo-Plus yogurt is $1.99. Download the $1.00 e-coupon from Shortcuts onto your Fred Meyer card and use a $1.00 PRINTABLE. The e-coupon will only work once at Fred Meyer (I am learning) but once you use it you can go back to shortcuts and re-load it for the next trip.

While I was there, I stopped to talk to the CSR I am getting to know to ask about the coupon policy again. She told me she was trying to get one for me but as of right now Fred Meyer does not have a coupon policy available for the public. I also spoke to a CSR manager from a different store who was there to help with the re-opening, and another fellow he pulled into the conversation who was a Corporate guy. The Corporate guy also said that they dont have a coupon policy available for the public - in fact - there are actually 4 different policies regarding coupons, none of which are available to the public. I told him that was not right, if there are policies that dictate how Fred Meyers handles the shoppers who use coupons, then the shoppers were entitled to see those policies, how are we suppose to play by the rules if we don't know what they are? I also asked why there were 4 different policies but I didn't get an answer for that. So, I will keep working on them to make the policy (s) available.

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