Its here! My $30.00 Gift Card to Fred Meyer from My Blog Spark!

August 21, 2009
My FREE $30.00 Gift Card for Fred Meyer got here today!

Gosh, I havent been able to hardly think about anything but this gift card and being able to GIVE ONE JUST LIKE IT AWAY for the last 3 days.

As I mentioned when I first posted about it, I have been challenged to see exactly how much stuff I can get with this $30.00 Gift Card and to be honest, its quite the challenge because Im having to re-think my general shopping strategy. I usually try to figure out how much I have to spend before coupons, not after coupons, in order to take advantage of any given promotion. I hope to have my list done by Saturday afternoon.

I can't wait to see who wins the give-away! I want to thank everyone who has already left a comment for the gift card and encourage everyone else to do the same, just click on the Give-Away link in the upper left corner of the blog, leave a comment with your name and your in! The winner will receive the same $30.00 gift card, good at any Kroger Co. Stores, which includes stores like Fred Meyer, Smith's, Ralph's and Food4Less. It can be used for groceries, school supplies, clothes.....the list is endless!

Thank you to My Blog Spark, General Mills and Pepsi Co for giving me this opportunity!

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Thomas Paine said...

Running a "numbers" game now are we? LOL