Fred Meyer and E-coupons

August 22, 2009

There were a couple comments on my Give-Away Blog about using E-coupons with your Fred Meyer Shoppers Rewards Card and since I was going over there to do some recon for my gift card shopping trip I decided to test it out and see if it really works.

I received a coupon for $2.50 off 1 from Vocal Point a few days ago (OT here, but if the Frugal Chic hasn't already convinced you to sign up with Vocal Point then I will tell you it is well worth it and to get over there and do it, for free!)

Anyway, like I was saying, I had the $2.50 off coupon from Vocal Point, and loaded a $1.00 e-coupon from P&G E-Savers onto my Freddy's card.

Fred Meyer has the 4 month Bounce Dryer Bar for $4.99, after my $1.00 E-saver coupon and the $2.50 Vocal Point Coupon, I paid $1.92. I didn't really need it, I already have one in the Dryer and I love it, but I figured it would be worth it to test the E-Coupons on the Fred Meyer Card.

Here are websites you can load E-Coupons onto your Fred Meyer Card (aka, Kroger Card):

Cellfire - a bit tricky but do-able, you have to use a different mobile phone number then you did for your Safeway Card, and choose a zipcode where they have Kroger Stores and choose the Kroger Card to load to. I choose a zipcode in Texas. I read about this on the cellfire help pages, so Im ok with it.

Unilever - In order to load coupons from this site, you have to (again) pick a zipcode that has Kroger Stores and the Kroger Card.

P&G E-Savers - Again, load onto the Kroger Card.

Shortcuts - This is the easy one, just add your Kroger Card to your profile and pick your coupons.

One thing I did learn about the Fred Meyer Card is that you are limited to 50 E-coupon on it at a time, so don't get all silly like I did and try to load them all. If I had known that prior to loading the coupons on the card I would have been alot pickier about the ones I did choose.

Ok, Im so Happy today is here, because I will be picking the winner of my first give-away around 7:00 pm PST tonight. I cant wait to see who wins and I wish everyone who has entered a comment for the $30.00 Kroger Gift card the best of luck!! Hop on over to JANE4GIRLS800DOLLARANNUALBUDGET and check out her pile of bootie from her $30.00 challenge. I hope I can do as well!


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