This week is starting out Great!

Today, Ginger, Colby and I went to Albertsons to grab a few more things that were part of the $4 off $10 promo and to play with the Double Coupons they put out in the Today's paper. We stopped by her work and got extra double coupons from the papers in the break room and had a total of 9 Doublers.

We did 3 different transactions:
  1. Spent $6.11 for 2 packages of TP and 2 boxes of cream cheese. Saved $23.24 with the store coupons and doubled MFRs. Bonus, got a $1.00 OYNO.
  2. Spent $1.54 for 3 cans of Betty Crocker Frosting, 2 boxes of Green Giant frozen Broccoli in cheese sauce, and 1 package of Betty Crocker Cookie mix (all items from the $4 off $10 promo). Saved $14.10 with MFR and Doubles and used the OYNO.
  3. Spent .40 cents for 4 boxes of Suddenly Salad and 2 packages of Yo-Plus (again, all items from the $4 of $10 promo). Saved $16.34 with the store coupons, doublers and MFRs.

Total Spent: $8.05

Total Saved: $53.68

And I have another $2.50 rebate for the Yogurt that I will send to my daughter.

The sad thing is that most of the cash was spent on the Toilet Paper but I was .24 cents ahead with the cream cheese after that coupon was doubled so I got 24 rolls of TP and 2 boxes of cream cheese for .24 cents per item.

Or, you could say I got 44 items for .18 cents each (each roll of TP and container of Yo-plus being counted individually).

BIG Shout Out to my girl Ginger for going with me and keeping the Colby wrangled so I could concentrate. She is also a cashier and said that I am a cashier's worst nightmare - which I took as a compliment.




Anonymous said...

And it breaks her heart that you can't go through her check-out line, right?

Leah said...

she's just all twisted over it.