Week 3, how did I do?

This week we really blew the $50.00 or less, but not in a bad way really.
I spent:
.58 cents at Walmart
$4.40 at Albertsons
$85.41 at Yokes
$2.94 at the bread Outlet
Total Spent: $93.34
I saved:
$12.00 at Walmart
$8.60 At Albertsons
67.43 At Yokes
$4.04 at the bread outlet
Total Savings: $93.07
I must back track to explain. We were all well and good at being at $50.00 or less this week. But then, my husband happened apon a really good deal on Rib-eye. Considering we were out of that particular item in the freezer, we could not let it pass. He spent $49.80 on 12.5 lbs. of Rib Eye (you can do the math on that) Anywho, we got 15 steaks, the ribs, and about 1.5 lbs of Stew/Stir fry meat from that. When you break that down, you have 7 steak dinners, a nice stir fry or stew, and ribs for 2 people...9 meat entrees. $5.53 per meal....for 2 people. Go to the Outback Steakhouse and try to match that!
And its not like we eat like that every day, this is a once a week, maybe twice a month meal.
Otherwise, I have been battling what I thought were just allergies for the last month, but at this point have come to the realization that I have a particularly nasty sinus infection or possibly ( YIKES) the dreaded H1N1 flu, so I will be calling my Dr. on Monday to get some Amoxicillian, or what ever he will give me to get this done and gone. All I can say right now is that Im sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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