Home Made Dishwasher Detergent

The county I live in recently went phosphate free in regards to Dishwasher detergent, and all of us who live here know just exactly what kind of (insert your own 4 letter word here) that stuff is. Its useless and extremely overpriced.

I ran out of the last bottle I had but in no way shape or form was I going to buy another bottle. I dont have time to run over to Idaho to bootleg any of the good stuff back so I started looking for recipes online for home-made dishwasher soap and found one that works even better then that junk that is available.

I spent:

$3.99 for a box of Borax

$7.92 for a bottle of Grapefruit Essencial Oil

$4.49 for a bottle of Fruitt Fresh

Combined with the other ingrediants I already had and Wal-la, 2 and half cups of home-made dishwasher detergent. Plus, I still have a virtually full box of Borax, which has countless other uses around the home, and a nearly full bottle of Essencial Oil that I can do things like add to baking soda to make my own carpet freshener, mix with water for a home-made fabric freshener, put a couple drops in the toilet to freshen the bathroom....endless possiblilities. The Fruit Fresh will come in handy when its time to make more jelly.

So, for $16.40 I got a variety of home made cleaning products that will end up being pennies on the dollar.

How cool is that?



PS. Get the recipe, and other great ideas here.


Anonymous said...

It is soooooooooooo cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi...I am in spokane too, and I am getting too much film and fog on my glasses. Did yours do that?