Rosauers Coupon Policy

I received this comment and want to share it with additional information that might make it easier for others who may have had this problem at Rosauers.

Anonymous said...
I was told by a Rosauers checker that they no longer take printable coupons because they are all fraudulent and they don't get paid back for them.( yes I know that is not completely true) I wasn't going to argue with her but I was wondering if they have a coupon policy like other stores?
June 17, 2010 5:44 PM

Yes, Rosauers does have a Coupon Policy, linked directly off of their website and it can be viewed here. It is a very strait forward and easy to understand policy. It states:

Rosauers accepts all manufacturer coupons distributed through newspapers, magazines, direct mail, etc. Photocopied or other reproduced coupons are not accepted.

Rosauers accepts internet coupons, but reserves the right to validate any “free item” or large discount coupons with a value of more than two dollars.

Competitor coupons are not accepted at Rosauers stores.

Double coupons are not accepted at this time.

In addition to this policy, http://www.rosauers.com/ also has a page for you to print coupons from as well!

I hope this helps :)

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