5 Things for this week

I have not been doing very well keeping up on my 5 things. This year, my allergies have just kicked my butt and I have been sick for about 2 weeks now so my energy level is really low and I have no motivation what so ever. I am trying to stay on top of stuff but I really feel like just laying on the couch all day. Bad Leah!

Here is what I had on my previous list:

1. Re-organize the camping gear. It was just tossed into the boxes when we packed up to come home. I did get a better idea of what is really needed when we're camping so the gear is going to get slimmed down quite a bit.

Didn't happen, my husband put the boxes away before I could get to them and even if he hadn't, probably wouldn't have happened anyway.

2. Clean the office again. It was the one room I ignored before leaving town.

 Still working on it, it has turned into an all out re-organize and re-arrange project but I have only been able to do a little bit each day. Im whining...I know.

3. Go through my coupon binder and file, get rid of expired ones, clip new ones.

Simply overwhelmed by the sheer volumn of coupons I have to clip right now.

4. See if I can get the zipper on my favorite jeans fixed. Darn thing broke while we were camping!

$18.00 later!!

5. Inventory the freezer. My weekly meal plans have been altered at the last moment a few times because I didn't have what I thought I did. I didn't make a meal plan for this week but we have alot of stuff left over from camping anyway so we will finish it off.

I have 2 things I would really like to get done this week and both involve multiple tasks.

1. Finish re-organizing my office, which means:

a. Clean off my desk.
b. Put the other computer back together.
c. Get all my Dad's books, crap and paper work out of here.
d. Set up a table to sort coupons on.
e. Hang some curtains.

2. Clean the boy's room again, its a freakin death trap!

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