Menu Plan Monday

Time to pull out the chore chart again...bummer...

I have been dealing with wicked Allergies this past month but yesterday I while I was working on my meal plan I started to smell something(first time in maybe 3 weeks) and it wasn't nice. I realized it has been at least a month since I did any real house keeping and furthermore, no one else has either!!

Ridiculous, 4 adults in this house and none seem to be capable of picking up after themselves. So, back to the weekly menu and chore chart. Can you tell that I am a bit irritated about this?

So, here we go!

Monday - Vacuum, dust and deodorize front room and family room.

Leftovers from this weekend

Tuesday - Polish the appliances in the Kitchen, mop. Clean bathroom. Laundry.

Beer Butt Chicken my husband is going to be so happy because there will be Beer in the house.
Maryanne's Baked Beans
Laura's Mac Salad

Wednesday - Change sheets, put away clean laundry.


Thursday- Work in the garden, clean up the Patio.

Hamburger Helper

Friday - More Yard Work, weather permitting.

Oatmeal Pancakes
Smoked Sausage
Scrambled Eggs

Saturday - Laundry, hopefully it will be nice enough to line dry. I will also be nagging the DH to go and get the clothes line post from our neighbor (sweet Lady, gave us her clothes line posts) and get them put up so I can take down the rope between the fence and the tree that I have been using to line dry with.

Pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner.

Sunday - Clean out the fridge, get the garbage out.

Pork Roast (didn't get to it last Sunday)
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans

See what everyone else is eating this week at the MPM hosted by The Org Junkie.


~~~Alana~~~ said...

I like how you put your chore chart in with your menu plan... I may have to start doing that!
What is up with the weather here in Spokane? I am ready for some sunshine already!

Leah said...

Me too! Some sunshine would be really REALLY nice for a change :)