My 5 things for this week

For the last month I have been participating in Saving Toward A Better Future's 5 Things Challenge. I have found that since I went back to work that if I don't make a list of things to get done, then things are just not getting done. It has been a great help while I am still adjusting to my new schedule.

Here is what I had on the plate last week:

1. Transplant my Tomato starts into larger pots and start hardening off. 
I think I might have lost a few in the process, and am not sure how many of what kind I actually do have now.  I started with a dozen each Cherry tomatoes and Big Boy, but since I lost track of which are which I will end up with either a ton of Cherry or a ton of Big Boy.

2. Go through the boy's clothes and get rid of the stuff that is too small.

3. Clean off my desk (again).
Not that it mattered much because as soon as I...

4. Pay bills. (as if I haven't had enough of that to do already!)
It was all cluttered up again.

5. Start studying for my Insurance Agent License.
Just can't seem to make myself sit down to study this book, it looks boring :(

This week:

1. Go through the boy's clothes, get rid of the stuff that is too small.

2. Start Squash plants.

3. Change bed linens, wash and line dry if weather permits.

4. Plant the snow peas outside (their ready, Yay!)

5. Make another run at the Insurance book!


Alea said...

I was thinking last night that I needed to have a running to do list, because sometimes I don't get to an item and then I forget about it and then when I remember it is a very urgent to do. :-)

Best wishes on finishing your list!

The Frugal Life of A Mom said...

Leah, I have a question. It is probably a dumb question, but what is "hardening" your plants mean? I too am growing a garden this year, my very first one (I have NO green thumb whatsoever). I am a bit scared. I started a whole bunch of plants in my house about a month ago and they are not as big as I would like them, but they are growing. Anyway, I am curious as to what "hardening" means. Maybe I need to do this?:)Thanks for sharing your list! :)

Leah said...

Congrats on your first garden! They really are a luxury to have in the city.

Not a dumb question at all :) To Harden off your plants means to expose them to the outdoor weather, gradually adding more time to the amount of time they sit outside until they can stay outside over-night. After a few nights out, they are ready to be planted in the garden. Since we had such a mild winter here there is a good chance we will be able to start our gardens earlier then usual, so start setting your plants out in a sunny location during the day (after it warms up a bit) and bring them back in at night until we have an evening that we know it wont go below freezing. I actually over-night mine in the garage so that they don't get used to the warmer house temps and have a better chance of surviving a cold night. Hope that helps :)

The Frugal Life of A Mom said...

Thank you for the heads up! I think I am going to do that. I still need to re-pot them, so will be doing that this weekend and then start "hardening" those babies. Thanks again!:)

FrugalMom said...

Making lists seems to be essential for me to remember anything these days. The only problem is that I sometimes forget, where I put my list.

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