Menu Plan Monday

Did everyone else have a crazy week and weekend too?

Just curious :)

My week and weekend have been nuts. I am still learning my job, had payroll and bills to take care of this week ( I am Accounts Payable for a local Insurance Agency) Saturday, I baked an Angel Food Cake, some Peanut Butter bars (from a cake mix), made Deviled Eggs with this recipe - just didn't chop up the egg whites, and we cooked a huge Turkey.

Today, we cooked a ham, made Green Bean casserole, Scalloped Potatoes, and Dressing - which actually was Pepperidge Farm mix (my sister made it).

As you can imagine, we are left with a ton of left overs, and our dinners this week will be focused on using them up.

Monday -
Just Leftovers, eating up the rest of the Green Bean Casserole, Dressing and Potatoes.

Mac-n-Cheese - from the freezer
Mixed baby Veg

Wednesday -
Turkey and Dumplings - just using Turkey instead of Chicken.

Thursday -
Penne Pasta Bake - from the freezer
Green Salad
left over Sourdough rolls from Easter

Friday -
Monte Cristo Sandwiches - Yum!


BBQ Rib eye Steaks
Baked Potatoes (maybe baked Sweet Potatoes)
Corn Casserole

I want to take moment here to express my sincerest appreciation to Laura, the Organization Junkie, for hosting a weekly Menu Planning Event. My day to day life has been so much easier since I started participating in it and planning weekly menus for my family, I don't know how I would have made it through the last month with out it. For all those who have yet to try it, I ask: Why not? You might be surprised at how just this one little thing, this one simple thing, takes so much stress out of the day. Have a great week everyone :)


Keli said...

Yum. Your menu sounds great! I think you made leftovers into lots of different meals. I want to check out the monte crisco sandwiches, that sounds good. and i've been wanting some pasta so penne pasta bake sounds wonderful!
I could add some ham to the pasta bake... haha.

Have a great week! Hopefully this week is less busy than last!

ahorne said...

Leah, I love Monte Cristo sandwiches but I never make them... you inspire me!