Many Thanks to the Ladies of the Alpha Iota Sorority!

I mentioned in my 5 things post this week that I was working on a presentation because I had been given an opportunity to speak about coupon shopping by the Ladies of the Alpha Iota Sorority. I am glad to report that it went very well!

(Micki, Kathy, Jan, Sue Cheri, Pam and me)

The Alpha Iota Sorority in Spokane are philanthorpic Ladies that graduated from the Kinman Business School. They asked me to talk about how to use coupons to save money in order to be able to give more to the foundations they support.

I have so much admiration for these Ladies! Every one of them was so nice and friendly. I was extremely nervous but they made me feel very comfortable and welcome and the time just flew by. Before I knew it, I had been talking for an hour - and was really only suppose to speak for 45 minutes at the most!

Thank you so very much Ladies of Alpha Iota! I enjoyed and appreciate the opportunity you gave me to talk with you :)


Frugal Chic Living said...

I'm SO glad you got to go speak with them! I was hoping you would/could do it :-)

You should think about teaching some coupon classes - I get a lot requests for that & I think it would go over pretty good in our area.

Leah said...

Thanks for referring the ladies to me Crystal :) I wish you could have joined me.