5 things for this week

Might end up being more...

Ok, so my job came to an end on Friday and I am very relieved. The boss fired my sister due to office dynamics, aka politics and since we were kind of a package deal he let me go too. For the last week, I had been trying to figure out how to leave the job without putting the agency in a rough position, so it worked out perfectly. We are on good terms and I am free to go back to my real job, taking care of my family and home :)

This was last week's list:

1. Go through the boy's clothes, get rid of the stuff that is too small.

2. Start Squash plants.

3. Change bed linens, wash and line dry if weather permits.

4. Plant the snow peas outside (their ready, Yay!)

5. Make another run at the Insurance book!
Actually, didn't do this but since I don't work for an Insurance Agency there is no point reading it now.

Here is my list for this week:

1. I was offered an opportunity to speak to a sorority group about coupon shopping and I need to finish the presentation.

2. Give this house a good cleaning! I realized yesterday that it is quite filthy from neglect.

3. Re-organize the broom closet.

4. Still need to go through the boy's clothes.

5. Clean up my potting area outside, and the patio.

Many thanks to Tabitha at Saving for a Better Future for hosting the 5 things challenge!


Tabitha said...

Thanks for the comment! I know it will be life changing.

I've never been a candidate for Lasik. I'll actually be having implanted contact lenses put in. They have to put me to sleep, which really freaks me out! But it will be worth it in the end!

JoDee said...

I'm glad the whole job thing ended well! Now after you get caught up on the house we should all do lunch again :)

Leah said...

Me too, I had been worried about how to do it but turns out, it was done for me. I really do have to thank him for letting me go!

Im in! check out restaurant.com and see if there is any place you and Joelle would like to try :)

Michele said...

Well I'm jealous now. I'm glad it all worked out well for you. It never seemed like you were very happy there. Hopefully your sister finds something right away.

ahorne said...

Glad things worked out well in the end... I'm envious!!! (Can't wait until summer when school's out and I can be home.)

Keli said...

Thanks for leaving me a link to Tabita's blog, I for some reason couldn't find it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what happened with your job but I am happy for you being able to come home! I too will be coming home shortly as after a long debate I gave my notice today. It has become quite apparent that I am needed at home, and with all the money I will be saving from couponing full time, all should be well.

Hey, can I go to lunch with you guys :-)

Indian Trail

The Frugal Life of A Mom said...

Well, I'm glad to hear everything ended on a good note for you. It is tough when you are in that kind of a situation. Good for you for being able to be back at home. Glad to hear that your talk went well too. Way to go!!! Oh, did you see that I hardened my plants? (I posted it). Well, I think I "hardened" them too much. :) They are a bit yellow now. Oh well, it is all a huge learning process for me. I'll get it someday. Just wanted to say that I'm happy for you.....:)

Tabitha said...

How did you do this week? New linky will be up in the morning!