Did you hear that?

Gosh girls, I am so excited about this, I might just be in shock. I think that it is the BEST I have ever done at Safeway - SAFEWAY! Even though I saw what JoDee and Michele were doing, I admit I was more then a bit envious and a little bit skeptical that I could do it as well but I DID IT!

This was actually 2 different trips to Safeway, the one on NW BLVD and Ash. JoDee had generously offered to share some of her $2.00 Delimex coupons and I decided to go ahead and do the deal. I mentioned that I had been to both the other Northside Safeways and they were out of everything (so frustrating) and she reminded me of the one on NW BLVD, which I had totally spaced out.

So, I head down to pick up some more Windex (they were out, the cashier said some lady had come through the line with the last of it and told him that the shelf was now empty), the Scrubbing Bubbles (out as well). So no go on the items that had the Catalina deals but everything else I wanted was there. I have to break it down by item because those freaky Safeway receipts confuse me half to death.

1 box of Delimex Taquitos= $10.99
- $1.00 Club Card Savings
- $3.00 Store Coupon
- $3.00 Shortcuts e-coupon
- $2.00 MFR (Thanks again JoDee!)
= $1.99

2 Bags of Sun Chips @ $3.79 each = $7.58
- $1.60 Club Card Savings
- $1.00 x 2 Cellfire e-coupons
- $2.99 Free Sun Chips MFR (Facebook promo? can't recall)
= .99 cents for 2 bags!

5 Philly Cream Cheese Minis = $12.45 (this is weird)
- $10.00 Club Card Savings
- $2.75 in(.55 cent Blinky MFRs x 5 found at the Northpoint Safeway)
= .30 overage!

Total for the order = $2.68!!

So, I come home, high as a Kite from the adrenaline, proceed to start showing the booty off to my mom when she tells me that JoDee had called and said something about the Buy one get one coupons or something. I knew exactly what she was talking about and called JoDee back immediately. Sure enough, the Classico Pasta Sauce B1G1 coupon was back up! Thanks again JoDee!! Seeing how that one was a fart in a frying pan last time, hurry and print yours now! Use zip code 90210 :)

Second Trip, this time with my mom because I had alot of IP coupons and some cashiers can get weird about them.

8 Classico Pasta Sauces = $27.12
- $15.20 Club Card Savings
- $13.56 ($3.39 x 4, the cashier just let it ride) from the B1G1F coupons
= $1.64 overage!

3 cans of Green Giant Veg = $4.05
- $1.68 Club Card Savings
- $2.00 Cellfire e-coupons ($1.00/3 x 2)
= .37 for 3 cans of veg

3 boxes of Frozen Green Giant Veg = $6.00
- $1.00 Club Card Savings
- $2.00 Cellfire e-coupons ($1.00/2 x 2)
- .50 Shortcuts e-coupon (forgot about that one when I was planning the trip)
- .50/1 Any Green Giant Frozen Veg PRINTABLE X 3
= $1.00 for 3 boxes

Yuban Coffee = $7.99
- $4.00 Cellfire e-coupons ($2.00/1 x 2)
- $2.00 MFR (found at the Safeway in the 2010 Earth Day Pamplet)
= $1.99

Miracle Whip Dressing = $3.99
-$2.00 Cellfire e-coupons ($1.00 x 2)
- $2.00 MFR (same booklet as the Yuban)
= .01 overage

Even breaking this transaction down by item, I am still confused. Here is what I know, before Club Club Card the total was $49.15. After I swiped my card the total was $20.77, and after the coupons the total was $2.71!!

Total OOP for both transactions, and all that stuff = $5.39!! Just think, the Coffee was $7.99 before the e-coupons and coupon!



joelle said...

NICE job my friend!! :-)

The Frugal Life of A Mom said...

Wow!!! You did AWESOME!!! Isn't that coupon high so funny. I get it everytime I get such a great deal. I actually start shaking at the checkout. Silly, I know, but it is amazing the deals that we can get....Good job!! :)

Leah said...

LOL, you would think after 20 years of being a coupon queen and the truckloads of free and cheep stuff I have gotten I would not be getting so excited, but I did. I tell you, we sure high tailed to the door after that last trip, I wanted out of the store before the cashier figured out what happened :)~

JoDee said...

Good job Leah! I totally know the high you are talking about! My husband calls is coupon crack! I get all nervous like I've never done a coupon transaction! I love it!!!

Lacey said...

WOW, what a score! :)

suckerpunchdebt said...

Safeway's a little scary for me! I did the Classico deal twice and on the first they -$3.39, but the second time around it was -$2.98? I've got $20 in cats to use there this week. I had to go to three stores to get that darn Windex/Scrubbing Bubbles! Shadle had tons and they were so nice:)

Frugal Chic Living said...

HOLY MOLY!!! Nice Score!

I was about to buy Yuban at Freddies this week - thanks for the head's up! I will be stopping by Safeway tomorrow instead! Hopefully they have those Earth Day booklets at my store.

joelle said...

Last night I did the classico deal too and my cashier took off $2.00 for the BOGO? Go figure Kris! (Fun to see you there BTW!) No biggy though, I still only paid $2.48 for 4 classico, 2 lbs of lean ORGANIC (I know - fancy huh? These suckers are $6 plus per pound!) hambuger, Yoplait yogurt and 5 SOBE lifewaters! Not too shabby! ;-)

Leah said...

It's interesting to hear about everyone's different experiences with that Classico coupon. The cashier I went to was a young fellow who looked absolutely apathetic about being there and didn't even bother to pull up the journal receipt, just pushed it through. Never would have gotten away with that at the Monroe/Francis store.

Tabitha said...

WOW! Awesome!

cassie said...

woo hoo! nice job :D