my 5 things

My friend Tabitha at Saving Toward a Better Future started doing something really cool. Every week she makes a list of 5 things to get done around the house in an effort to become more organized. I think this is great!

Usually, I will note what extra chores need to be done for the week on my weekly Menu Plan, but I didn't do that for the last couple of weeks (started that new job) and as a result, my house is starting to look a bit grimy. There are 5 people in this house, so there is always dirty laundry, dirty dishes, dirty floors that need to be kept up on. I realized yesterday evening that if I don't get back into a routine for cleaning the house that it is going to be a wicked weekends worth of work!

So, here are my 5 things:

Get the laundry sorted and start washing the towels and linens.

Fold said laundry and put away.

Sweep the floor, pick up the clutter, every day.

Set out work and school clothes every night.

Start the tomato plants this week.

So, there it is. And now I off to get some chores done!


mom2priceboys said...

Yes, start the tomato plants this week!! I need to do that too. I however want to try one of those topsy turveys this year Ever used one??.....Julie

Leah said...

No, not yet. But I am thinking about it too, I don't have very large garden spots, it might be time to take some things vertical :)

Alea said...

This is a great idea. Five things does not seem too overwhelming.

Tabitha said...

Haha, laundry is always on my list too! :) How did you do?

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