I will miss you, Frugal Chic

By now, you have probably heard that Crystal at Frugal Chic Living has decided to stop blogging. A sad day for us that have come to trust her for the reliable information she shared and we in turn used to make our own lives better.

It was Frugal Chic Living that kicked my butt back into gear about smart shopping. I have been a coupon shopper for 20 plus years, but had become very relaxed and wasn't taking advantage of the best deals out there. It was Crystal that made me aware of how much money I had been wasting, and then inspired me to share my own shopping experiences.

Thank You Crystal, for the inspiration you gave me, all the hard work and hours you put into providing the information on the best deals, your awesome articles that educated us, and for providing a place for us to come together and share with each as well. We are going to miss you.


Frugal Chic Living said...

Thanks for the very sweet post Leah!

Anonymous said...

I second that! Frugalchicliving was one of my favs! I'll miss her.