I was only there for the biscuits....

Yeah right! Ok my friends, a few of you might want to sit down because I did something yesterday that will shock you.

I went to Safeway!! I know, I KNOW!

For those who don't know, I have had some pretty horrific experiences at Safeway and had stopped shopping there several months ago, outside of the occasional bottle of Milk or bag of Salad. But, my friend Michele convinced me it was worth giving them another chance and I wanted in on that Hot Pillsbury Biscuit Deal, so I put on my Safeway shopping disguise and tip-toed in.

I swear, I was just there for the Biscuit Deal. On my way to the Biscuits, I went down the freezer isle and started noticing some pretty decent prices on things that I really did want that were also part of the March Frozen Food Promo. I didn't really have a plan, but I did have my coupons so I decided to go for it. What was the worse that could happen? Getting into a screaming match with the cashier and stomping out of the store was par for the course for me and Safeway, familiar territory if you will....

Here is the list w/ prices before Club Card and coupons:

1 Yoplus Yogurt = $2.50
1 Yoplait Fiber-one yogurt = $2.50
3 Pillsbury Jr. Grands @ $1.49 each =$4.47
5 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls @ $1.89 each =$9.45
2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels @ $2.50 each = $5.00
2 Pillsbury Savorings @ $3.99 each = $7.98
2 Kashi Lemongrass Chicken bowls @ $4.49 each = $8.98
3 Green Giant frozen boxed veg @ $2.00 each = $6.00
5 Tony's Crispy Crust Pizzas @ $1.29 each = $6.45
1 Michelina's Entrees = $1.00
1 Lucerne Coffee Creamer = $1.79
Subtotal = $56.12

Proceeding to swipe my Club Card and 2 things happen:

First, subtract Club Card savings of $13.14

$8.00 for purchasing 8 Pillsbury Biscuits
$3.00 for purchasing 2 Kashi (making them $2.99 each)
.93 cents for purchasing 3 boxes of GG Veg
$1.21 for purchasing the Yoplait Yoplus Yogurt (making it $1.29)
Subtotal = $42.98

Second, subtract E-coupons savings of $8.20

.30 Shortcuts for purchasing 2 Pillsbury Grands
.40 Cellfire for purchasing 2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls
.40 Shortcuts for purchasing 2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls
.55 Cellfire for purchasing 2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
.55 Shortcuts for purchasing 2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
$3.00 ($1.00 x 3) for purchasing 2 Pillsbury Savorings*
$3.00 ($1.00 x 3) for purchasing Yoplait Yogurts*

* I had these E-coupons loaded onto the card from both Cellfire and Shortcuts but I have cannot explain why they tripled up like that. Cellfire and Shortcuts do work together at Safeway, but as to why I got $3.00 off instead of $2.00 is a mystery to me. Same thing with the Yogurt, I had stacked Cellfire and Shortcuts for the Yoplait Fiber One, but it looks like it also subtracted an additional $1.00 for the Yoplus, I'm guessing.

Subtotal = $34.78

Subtract Manufacturers Coupons of $14.78

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls PRINTABLE (no longer available) = .95
wyb 2 Pillsbury Grands PRINTABLE= .30
wyb 2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls PRINTABLE = .40
wyb 2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels PRINTABLE = .55
wyb 2 Pillsbury Savorings PRINTABLE = $1.00
wyb 3 GG boxed Veg = .60
Yoplait Yoplus PRINTABLE = $1.00
Yoplait Fiber-One PRINTABLE = $1.00
2 Kashi Free Product coupons @ $4.49 each =$8.98

Total for the order = $20.00 and I got the $10.00 OYNO for purchasing $25.00 worth of qualifying frozen foods! So, basically $10.00 bucks!

It was a very pleasant experience. The cashier was friendly, didn't even blink at my coupons, handed over my OYNO and wished me a nice afternoon. I practically skipped out of the place! I'm tempted to try it again, but I don't want to push my luck and the OYNO is good through April 2nd. Maybe I will just wait and see what happens next week :)


JoDee said...

Leah welcome back lol Nice job! Safeway has been hard for me to stay away from with such good deals!

Leah said...

Thanks JoDee :) You and Michele are right about the Northpoint store, so much nicer!

Anonymous said...

I, too stopped shopping at Safeway w/ my history of bad luck: cranky cashiers, only letting me use e-coupons or mfg coupons but not together. Yet, today I was tempted to do the Pillbury deal. I got 2 Grands biscuits and 2 Sweet rolls for $.21 total. It was for the tax. I used 2 MFG coupons and 4 e coupons came off. WOW! I went to the Argonne store if that helped.

Michele said...


Welcome back to the Safeway deals. They have had some awesome sales lately. I'm still shopping Francis store with no issues. :-) Great shopping!

Leah said...

I have been stuck in Disney Beauty and the Beast "nono Lemure, I have been burned by you before" mentality regarding Safeway.

Thanks for setting me strait. I would not have dared w/o your encouragement :)

Heather said...

I, too hardly shop at Safeway. I went tonight to get some biscuits. My store had them for .49 each wyb 4. I was disappointed, but figured it was still a good enough deal to get a few.

The Saved Quarter said...

Man, I had a TERRIBLE Safeway experience today. I'm about to take them off my shopping routine, even though they do have good deals. It's not worth the 25 minutes I spent in check out today, and the ridiculous checkers fussing over every coupon. Plus, I use WIC and food stamps, and the checkers are inept with them, scrutinizing every item and calling managers for the simplest transactions.

I did the frozen food transaction and the checker wouldn't give me the $10 because I used food stamps. I had to wait for the manager to come okay it. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES in line!! Ridiculous!

Lynn said...

Wow, it sounds like you are the grocery shopping, coupon clipping queen! I have had bad experiences at Safeway, too, and haaaate to shop there.

Leah said...

Thanks Lynn :) But if you want to really be impressed check out www.happy2bfrugal.com, Michele kicks my butt!

Saved Quarter, just reading about your experience makes me mad! It makes no difference how you pay which is proved by the fact the the catalina printed out. That, and if you were not going to qualify for the promo due to paying with food stamps it should say so in the ad! Course, you would never see that in writing because it would be blatent discrimination. I would have ALOT to say to Safeway's corp. customer service about that experience and cashier.

Jennifer said...

Our safeway in coeur d'alene ID won't even take more than one coupon per item per transaction. for instance, if you have two boxes of cereal and two coupons, you would have to separate the order. This makes you choose between the coupons or the catalina!! stupid. And i've had nothing but rude cashiers. I guess they just don't want the business!

Leah said...

That is just stupid on that store's part. Something must really be rotten in there for them to acting that way :(