Yokes 3 day coupons

On page A8 in the Spokanesman-Review you can find a whole page of Yokes store coupons valid 2/28 through 3/2.

One of them works well with a Fresh Board Item.

Sliced Provolone, $3.99/lb
- $2.00/lb coupon
= $1.99/lb, first 4 pounds!

Other coupons:

Hershey's Candy Bars, .39 cents each

Yokes AA Large Eggs (12 ct), .98 cents each, first 2 (great deal if you got in on the BOBO coupons!)

Lays Potato Chips, $1.88 each, first 3

Tony's Original Pizza, $1.88 each, first 6

WF Yogurt, 28 cents each, first 6

5 lb. Pink Lady Apples, $2.98 each

Sea Choice Salmon Burgers, $2.99 each

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