Menu Plan Monday and Happy Birthday to ME :)

What a week, no?!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Well, today (12/27) is my birthday and I forgot to factor that in when I was planning last week's menu so today's homemade Mac-n-Cheese will be pushed into this week. It is definitely worth keeping on the menu though...soo yummy....

I didn't get around to making the Spaghetti and ameataballs either last week. We had so much left over Pork roast that it feed us for 3 days plus I have a pan of Pork Enchiladas in the freezer too boot!

We went through the freezer today and emptied it because it needs to be defrosted. The weather is cold enough to keep the food frozen outside in a cooler for the few days it takes to get the freezer thawed out. Much of this week's menu is based on things we found in the freezer that really need to be eaten soon as they are starting to get old.

As always, many thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie for hosting the Menu Plan Monday event.

Monday -
Homemade Mac and Cheese
Smoked Sausage
Dinner Rolls

Tuesday -
Chicken Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes w/gravy
Corn on the Cob

Wednesday -
Left overs

Thursday - New Years Eve
Appetizer Party!!
BBQ Meatballs and lil smokies
Deviled Eggs
Cream Cheese Won tons (oh how we love these!, I will post my recipe and photos of how we make them when I put them together on Thursday)
Cheese and Veg Tray
Buffalo Chicken Wings

Friday -
Surf and Turf
Ribeye steaks
Pan fried Trout and cod

Saturday - Happy Birthday Ginger! She is 20 today!
Ginger's Pick...or left overs if she ditches us for something "better" to do. As if!

Sunday -
Crockpot Rotisserie Roasted Chicken
Mashed Potatoes w/gravy
Garden Green Beans (found 5 more packages in the freezer, YAY!)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my menu, see you next year :)


JoDee said...

Happy Birthday Leah, I hope it was a great one!

Leah said...

Thank you JoDee, I could write a novel on why this has probably been the best birthday I have ever had :)

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Leah! It would be great to get together for lunch now that I have a life again. lol

mom2priceboys said...

Happy belated B-day! Hope you got your birthday nookie!!.....Julie

janetcoupon said...

Belated Happy Birthday Leah! and to Ginger too! Wishing you both all the best.

Leah said...

LOL...one of the reasons its been the best b-day ever :)~

Tammilee said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day was great!

Alea said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday!

I answered your question on my post, but thought I would leave an answer here as well. When I have frozen the meatballs in the cream of mushroom soup, everything thaws perfectly. When I have frozen the soup on its own, it kind of separates when it thaws and I have to whisk it back together.

BTW, your menu looks delicious!