Menu Monday - Xmas week!

I apologize for the delay in getting my menu up, I am having some computer problems in that my computer really sucks right now and I can't wait until we can buy a new one! Hopefully soon...

Many Thanks to the Organizing Junkie for hosting the Menu Plan Monday Event!

Here is this week's menu:

Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Left over Corn casserole

Tuesday: Spaghetti and a-meat-a-balls

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner, featuring Sourdough Pancakes

Thursday: Christmas Eve! Our family likes to open our stockings on Christmas Eve while munching on Appetizers and goodies from the treat trays. This year we will have:
BBQ Meatballs and lil' smokies
Cream cheese won tons
Crab legs
mixed veg tray

Friday: Merry Christmas!
Rib eye roast w/ Au Jus
Roasted sweet and red potatoes
Green bean casserole or Green Salad, maybe a jello salad as well.

French Dips (from left over Rib eye)
Left overs from Christmas dinner

Home made Mac and Cheese
Whatever Salad or Veg my sister brings over.

I wish everybody a Safe and Happy Holiday week!


Victoria said...

Sounds delicious.. LOL :)

Merry Christmas!

Victoria said...

I love pulled pork, its one of my absolute favorites! And cream cheese wontons are a great little treat!
Sometimes blogger gives me a hard time too!

Thomas Paine said...

The sourdough pancakes with choke cherry syrup were especially good!