Fred Meyer 2 Day Sale

There is a Fred Meyer ad in today's paper that has a Saving Certificate that is valid today and tomorrow.

Save up to $30.00 in Home, Apparel, Home Electronics and Jewelers -excludes food dept. though, bummer-, but it can be combined with other coupons.

Save $5.00 on $25.00 or more

Save $10.00 on $50.00 or more

Save $20.00 on $100.00 or more

Save $30.00 on $150.00 or more

A few weeks ago, Fred Meyer shoppers in the Wandermere area also received a post card for an additional $5.00 off of $25.00 that can also be used store wide and combined with other coupons. So, if you are a Wndermere FM shopper, you could save up to $35.00

A nice lady, Melissa, left a note in my last post on how she used the coupons to purchase Christmas presents for her family, and get a free Turkey - too boot!!

Thank you Melissa for sharing your very resourceful and clever idea !

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Melissa said...

You're welcome! I was so excited about that coupon, because I really doubt we would have found a Wii for under $169.99, not to mention having a turkey thrown in. ;)