Favs of the week 11/11 through 11/17

Here are my picks for this week. If you see something hot or find a great deal out there please share it with us in the comments section :)

Albertsons - In ad coupons

Skippy PB, .99 cents each, limit 4
- .75 cents/2 (10/4 RP, exp. 11/29)
= $1.23 for 2 (.62 cents each) - not bad

Ragu Pasta Sauce, .88 cents each, limit 4
- $1.00/2 PRINTABLE
= .76 cents for 2 (.38 cents each) Wow!

Folgers Coffee, $4.99 limit 2
- $1.00/1 (11/8 RP, exp. 12/5)
= $3.99 each

Safeway -

Actually, I think Safeway has the best ad this week because the Cottonelle TP, Gain Detergent and Bounce Dryer Bar all have E-coupons for you to load on your club card. Now, if your Safeway is giving you static over using e-coupons and paper coupons together, Print this out and take it with you.

12 ct. Cottonelle, $4.99 (you have to purchase 3 items from this "group" to get the $4.99 price)
- $1.00 PRINTABLE that is no longer available or .50 cents/1 PRINTABLE
- .25 cents Cellfire
= $3.74 (if you still have the $1.00 coupons) or $4.24 each

Gain Laundry Detergent, $4.99 (part of the previously mentioned "group").
- $1.00 (10/18 RP, exp. 11/30)
- $1.00 P&G E-saver coupon
= $2.99 each

Bounce Dryer Bar, in ad coupon $3.99
- $1.50/1 (Vocal Point Home Mailer - what! haven't signed up yet?) or .50 cents/1 (11/1 PG, exp. 11/30)
- .50 cents P&G E-Saver coupon
= $1.99 or $2.99, depending on your paper coupon

Safeway Olives, .99 cents each
- .50 cents of any one Safeway olives coupon (I have been finding these in that little food mag called "Relish" that comes in the Wednesday paper sometimes)
= .49 cents each

Rosauers -


The only thing I saw that interested me at Rosauers this week are the...

California Pizza Kitchen, $4.29 each
= $3.29 each

The only reason this interest me is the catalina deal for CPK going on right now, but I don't know if Rosauers is doing it or not. I have noticed that they are getting better about Cat deals though...if anyone knows about this deal working at Rosauers please leave a comment :)

Yokes -

$5.99/lb. Rib-eye steaks

.98 cents 1 dozen Large Eggs

.79 cents Libby Canned Vegetables
- $1.00/4 (9/27 RP, exp. 12/31) or .50 cents/2 PRINTABLE
= .54 cents each

Happy shopping this week!


Keana C. said...


Tonight I went to Albertson's on a little tip that the promo for last week's Buy $30 get $15 oyno was still printing out catalina's today.

Well it worked for me tonight at 8:30 in Milton, WA.

I wanted to take advantage of the pie/ice cream promo but was unsure how many of the Breyer's ice cream would go towards the $30 total. Apparently the Breyer's was not advertised in last weeks insert but was part of the promo.
Anyways, I went on the side of caution and got 6 pies, 6 ice creams, 4 ragus, 4 skippy peanut butters, and 2 klondike bars. Everything was on last weeks promo but the pies.
I didn't have many coupons for these products but after I used my $15 cat. from my last trip I only paid $13.38 oop and received another $15 cat. SCORE!!!!

Leah said...

oooohhhh....totally awesome!!! I am so envious!

Thank you so much for posting your note Keana, hopefully, some of our sister's will be able to take advatage of this deal :) SCORE is right!!!