Super cheap Hamburger Helper

October 3, 2009

Dang it! This is what I get for being all excited about getting cheap Hamburger Helper. Had I not been in such a hurry, I could have gotten 3 boxes for .19 cents a box!!

So, if you still have the Hamburger Helper coupon from yesterdays paper for the Fred Meyer 3 day sale and want to score some super cheap Hamburger Helper here is a scenerio for you.
  • Go the Shortcuts.com and load the .75 cents/3 Hamburger Helper e-coupon onto your Fred Meyer card.
  • Then click HERE to print another .75 cents/3 Hamburger Helper coupon, or if you have any from the Sunday paper those will work too.
  • Stack on the Fred Meyer 3 day sale coupon that is for Hamburger Helper for .69 cents per box.

The shortcuts e-coupon will only work once, but you will still end up getting 3 boxes for .19 cents each, there is a limit of 6 on the FM coupon so if you want all all of them you will end up paying $1.89 for 6 boxes, making them .31 cents each.

is feeling a like an idiot for not checking shortcuts before!


janetcoupon said...

well, now I don't feel so stupid. I found a coupon on my counter - Buy any frito lay chips (shows corn chips in the picture, along with a few others), get $1 off dip. I should have used it with the fritos/bean dip I bought! I plan to take the co and receipt to FM and see if they will give me my $. Sometimes, it's tough to get it all together! I wouldn't have thought to look at shortcuts.com. Hamburger Helper is not generally purchased at my house. When we got married 27 years ago, my DH told me if I ever made it, he would divorce me. We are still married! But, it was so cheap I thought I would grab some for our son. Don't feel bad Leah!

Leah said...

Thanks Janet :) I was whining to my husband about it and he was just cracking up that I had such a bad case of buyer's remorse over .57 cents. I feel better today since I got some free tuna... might have to splurge on a box of Tuna Helper just to pay him back for laughing at me ;)~