Fred Meyers was hoppin!

October 2, 2009

Total OOP = $8.74

2 transactions:

Transaction #1

3 bags of Nestle Fun size candy bars @ $2.50 each

Subtotal = $7.50


$1.53 FM store coupon from today's paper

$3.00 MFR coupons (get the link from coupongossip)

.05 cents bag credit

Total Coupons/credits = $4.58

Total Spent = $2.92 and got a $2.00 catalina for purchasing 3 bags of candy, meaning I spent approximately .31 cents per bag :) Moving on....

Transaction #2

4 FM Microwave pizzas @ $1.00 each

2 bags of Fritos @ $1.50 each

2 Kraft American Cheese Singles @ $3.99 each

6 Hamburger Helpers @ $1.00 each

1 Yo-plus Yogurt @ $1.99

Subtotal = $22.97


$1.24 FM Store coupon for the pizza

$1.86 FM Store coupon for the Hamburger Helper

$1.02 FM Store coupon for the Fritos

$5.48 FM Store coupon for the Kraft Singles

.05 cent bag credit

Total Store coupons and credits = $9.65

Subtotal = $13.32


$1.00 Shortcuts e-coupon for the Yo-Plus

$1.00 MFR for the Yo-plus (yesss, I made a penny!)

$1.50 MFR for the Hamburger Helper (.75 cents x 2)

$2.00 MFR for the Kraft Singles

$2.00 Catalina from the Nestle Candy

Total coupons = $7.50

Total Spent = $5.82


Julie T. said...

I just tried to stack the FM coupon with the MFR coupon and they would't let me! This was at the Francis store. Where did you shop?
Thanks, Julie

Leah said...

Thats the one I was at, which MFR and store coupon were you trying to use?

Leah said...

Oh, and did the cashier say why?

Technically, they can refuse to accept coupons if the coupon won't scan, but other then that there is no reason for them to reject a MFR stacked with a store coupon, their coupon policy does specifically state that it is allowed.

Michele @ HAPPY2BFRUGAL.COM said...

I saw the coupons this afternoon. I can hardly wait to go do the deal. Good job!

Keana C. said...

psst....found another great glade deal.

Buy 2 glade scented oil tins at FM for $2.50 each.
Use 2 $1.50/1 coupons found inside tins
Buy 2 Glade scented oil refill packs
use 2 blinkie coupons located near product for "buy tin get refill pack free".

Total comes to $2 plus tax

Plus, submit for $5 SC Johnson Rebate.

This makes a $3 moneymaker!

I did this at the Puyallup Fred Meyer.

Leah said...

ooooh, will have to keep my eyes open for that one! Thanks Keana, I really appreciate the tips you share :)