Fred Meyer Picks 10/4 - 10/10

October 4, 2009Seriously, it's impossible to do any better then the ACD when it comes to the weekly Fred Meyer coupon match ups so Im just going to put up my favorite picks for this week.
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, 3 for $5.00

You know what this means? Free Crescent rolls! Print your $1.00 off 1 coupons IE HERE and Fox Fire HERE. (thanks again, Happy2bfrugal) They are bricks coupons so you can print 2, and if you have access to another computer you can get as many as you need because when you buy 3, you will get a $2.00 OYNO! So, pay $2.00 for 3 Crescent rolls, get the $2.00 OYNO = FREE!!

It is also possible that the Cellfire e-coupon for the $1/2 Pillsbury Frozen grands might work with this as well. If anyone recalls what happened with my NV Nutcluster purchase when I bought 2 bags and a .40 cent e-coupon for NV granola came off....Im just saying, don't expect it but dont be suprised.

  • Bar-S Bacon, 2 for $4.00 - $1.00/2 Printable HERE = 2 for $3.00
  • Kraft Shredded cheese, 3 for $5.00 ($1.67 each) - $1.00/2 Manufacturers coupon from the Albertsons 9/30 ad = 2 for $2.34 or $1.17 each. (This is a valid MFR, exp. 10/6, it scans at FM, just trim them neatly so that the Albertsons logo doesn't show to avoid any hassle from the cashiers...you didn't hear this from me)
  • Nabisco Snack Crackers, $1.99 each - $1.00 PRINTABLE for Wheat Thins = .99 cents each.
  • Darigold Butter, 2 for $4.00 - .40 cents/1 Blinkies (these have been spotted everywhere) = $1.60 each.
  • Alexia Fries, 2 for $4.00 ($2.00 each) - .75 cents for the Spicy Sweet Potato Fries PRINTABLE = $1.25 each (not sure if this flavor is included)

Here's a couple other things that caught my eye...

Duraflame logs, 6 ct, $16.99 each - $3.00 PRINTABLE = $13.99 each

Maxlite CFL Light Bulbs, $1.99 each

Brita replacement water filter, 1 ct., $6.00 - $1.00 PRINTABLE = $5.00 each (thats almost half off)

And, Keana C., who is the Fred Meyer Deal Queen from Puyallup, left a comment on this post about another Glade deal she found, here is what she said:

"psst....found another great glade deal.

Buy 2 glade scented oil tins at FM for $2.50 each. Use 2 $1.50/1 coupons found inside tins. Buy 2 Glade scented oil refill packs, use 2 blinkie coupons located near product for "buy tin get refill pack free".

Total comes to $2 plus tax Plus, submit for $5 SC Johnson Rebate.This makes a $3 moneymaker! I did this at the Puyallup Fred Meyer."

Go HERE for the $5.00 Rebate form (ty Frugal Chic)

So, Spokane FM deal Queens, keep your eyes open for this Glade Money Maker and if you find it, please post a comment with the prices and store you found it at :)

Check out Alaska Coupon Diva: Fred Meyer Deals October 4-10#links for more coupon match-ups and deals this week at Fred Meyer. Just be sitting down when you do it, their sale prices can be shocking to us lower 48-ers.

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Your new blog sight is really neat. appreciate all the deals too!!

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