There's good news and there's bad news

September 18, 2009

Real quick, I need to add information regarding my previous post. My daughter and I went to the mall this afternoon.....

.....here's the bad news, Sears is not accepting the $10.00 Jr. Fashions coupon so dont bother to print it or try to use it. It was a legit coupon but was issued by a 3rd party prior to receiving Sears approval on it. Sears was accepting it but as of today (from what the sales lady was telling us), it was determined that due to the lack of limitations on the coupon and it being abused in certain areas they will no longer accept it, or the coupon code for online sales either. Nation-wide, the coupon will not be accepted. Bummer :(

Here's the good news! When we picked up our free gift cards we were told that we could come back tomorrow and get another one, its one per customer per day!! I got to do a little more research to figure out how this works (Im not at home right now) but as soon as I get it working I will post the "How Too" :)


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