My Fred Meyers trip this week

September 24, 2009

Not pictured are 2 Glade Sense and Spray. The Fred Meyer on Francis Ave. has them for $8.99 each, after the $3.00 Store coupon and $4.00 MFR they came to $2.51 each, but I still got the $2.00 Catalinas and I am certainly not going to whine about getting 2 of these for $1.02. Jodeelael just said that the Thor store has them for $9.99 each. So, YMMV depending on your location and store.

So my main order worked out like this:

6 boxes of Healthy Harvest Pasta @ $1.00 each
4 boxes of Smart Taste Pasta @ $1.00 each
2 bags of Fresh Express Salad blends @$1.50 each
10 cans of FM Beans @ $6.14 for all 10
2 Kraft Salad Dressings @ $1.67 each
1 Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt @ $1.99
2 packages of Challenge Butter @ $3.00 each
1 7 lb. bag of Purina Cat Food @ $8.48 (bummer, just noticed that, it was suppose to be $7.99)
1 box of Honey Sunshine Kashi Cereal @ $2.81
Tax @ .74 cents

Subtotal = $41.76


$3.14 in FM Store coupons for the beans salad and butter.
$4.00 from the Glade Catalinas
$2.81 Free Kashi coupon
$12.00 in MFR coupons
$1.00 Cell Fire E-coupon
$3.00 in Albertsons Doublers shhhhh
.10 cent bag refund

Total MFR coupons, store coupons and discounts = $26.05

Total OOP = $16.45

Michele's got the scope on Safeway HERE - by golly, those Apples sure do sound good! And check out her Fred Meyers trip while your there :)


Martha said...

You used Albie's doubles at Fred Meyer? Did you do this in store or upload on your card online?

Leah said...

I used the Albies doublers in the store. I had understood that their coupon policy was going to change back to the same old thing but I thought I would ask and they took them. Im not sure that every store will do this.