Nature Valley Nut Clusters Review and Give-away!!

September 23, 2009
Yay!! Another Give-away! I had so much fun with the last one and I told My Blog Spark that I couldn't wait to do another one so they sent me 4 bags of Nature Valley Nut Clusters to review (will get to that in a moment), and a cute little over the shoulder back pack, a nice stainless steel water bottle, a little pair of binoculars and an extraordinarily clever little flash light (its the little green thing in the photo). The flash light is one of those crank style ones, it doesn't require batteries and is extremely bright, its going into the camping gear immediately. So, not only did I get all this awesome booty, but one of my readers is going to get some too!!

How, you ask? Here's the deal:
This time, everyone in the US and Canada can get up to 3 entries to the Give-away!

  1. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite Nut Clusters flavor.

  2. Follow my blog :) Click on the Follow button over to the left side on the page and then leave another comment (just so I know its you)

  3. Do you Twitter? I do! So tweet my give-away and leave a comment with a link to your tweet.

    Make sure you include your name or a way to contact you when you leave your comments. Comments with out some kind of contact information will, unfortunately, have to be discarded :(

Entry's will be accepted until 12:00 pm PST Wednesday, September 30, 2009 and then Random.org will pick the winner. Good luck to everyone!!

Now, as I mentioned earlier I was asked to review all 4 flavors of the Nature Valley Nut Clusters. I invited fellow Coupon Queens and blogging Buddy's Michele from Happy 2B Frugal and Tammilee from TamileeTips over for lunch. Unfortunately, Tammilee caught that wicked cold that is going around and couldn't make it (We hope you feel better soon Tammilee!) Anyway, I asked Michele to review the Nature Valley Nut Clusters with me (notice, the all ready opened bags) and these are our thoughts.

Up first, the Honey Roasted Peanut:

Michele: My favorite!
Leah: Me too!

Next, the Nut Lovers:

Michele: Really good, I can really taste the honey sweetness in this one.
Leah: I like the different nut textures and flavors.

The Roasted Almond:

Michele: Im not really an almond fan, but these are tasty.
Leah: A bit saltier then the others but still very good.

And last, the Roasted Cashew:

Michele: Hard to bite thru!
Leah: Agreed, these are a jaw work-out and not as flavorful as the other varieties.

Many Thanks to My Blog Spark and Nature Valley for the yummy snacks and cool stuff!


Jenny said...

I've only had the roasted cashew so I gues it's my favorite!

Alaska Coupon Diva said...

I love peanut!

Alaska Coupon Diva said...

We follow you!

janetcoupon said...

I really enjoy the roasted cashews

janetcoupon said...

I am a follower! You post some great stuff!

Erica said...

My very favorite is the roasted peanut. So tasty!

crazycoolkid at hotmail dot com

Michele @ HAPPY2BFRUGAL.COM said...

My favorite is the Honey roasted peanut. Mmmmm yummy!

jodeelael said...

I have tried all 4 and I love the nut lovers, it has such a great variety of flavor!

Steph B said...

The Almond ones are the best!

Laura Hanson said...

I've never has any of them...so I can't be certain about my fav flavor, but the Roasted Cashew sounds good!!
Laura in Fairfield

Anonymous said...

I've only tried the cashew kind. They might break my teeth. I want to try the honey roasted peanut kind, next.
sjharper1 at comcast dot net.

Keana C. said...

My favorite is the honey roasted peanut. I also like the roasted cashew.

Anonymous said...

I love the Almond best. I tried the nut lovers too, and that is really good, but the Almond is my favorite-just the right amount of salt and sweet.

Becky S.

Anonymous said...

Have only tried the Nut lovers and have got to say they aregood.
Jody H.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love almonds, so I dont know if that is a choice but I just like nuts in general.... no I am not talking about family and friends although I am sure they count as well :) miss ya (this is Beth, I didnt know how to do the identity thing-you know me and my computer skills)