Didn't get your free or cheap Nut Clusters yet? Dont Dispair

September 17, 2009
Update: According to Charlene at My Frugal Adventures, it turns out that the NV Nut Clusters do not qualify for the Free Capri Sun Catalina. The Nature Valley products need to be atleast 7 oz (like the granola bars), the bags are only 5 oz. Bummer!

September 16, 2009

Charlene over at My Frugal Adventures scoped out an even better scenerio !

The Nature Valley Nut Clusters are part of the 4 for $6.00 promo this week at Safeway. Here is the math:

4 bags of NV Nut Clusters = $10.00
- $4.00 Instant savings with your club card = $6.00

- $1.60 off one PRINTABLE COUPON (which I hope you got yesterday because they are already gone) x 2 = ($3.20) = $2.80

- $1.00 MFR coupons (you can print these or just use the ones from last Sunday's paper) x 2 = ($2.00) = .80 cents

- $1.00 Cellfire e-coupon loaded onto your Safeway card = .20 cents overage

- $1.00 Shortcuts e-coupon loaded onto your Safeway card = $1.20 overage!!

Hopefully, the $1.00 Shortcuts one will come off, when I used my FM card yesterday only .40 cents came off but if that happens you have still made .60 cents :)

If you missed the $1.60 off coupons, you can still use 4 $1.00 coupons either from the Sunday Paper or Printed, and the e-coupons to get the Nut Clusters for free or very very cheap.
Bonus! Get a coupon for a free box of Capri Sun for buying 4 bags!
Thanks Charlene!

The Alaska Coupon Diva and a list of printable coupon matchups for this week's sale at Safeway too, our AK neighbors are charged considerably more then we are, so the prices she has listed are higher then ours, but the coupon match ups are great!


Anonymous said...

Hey do you know if the bags of granola are included in the deal for sure? They arent mentioned in the ad?

Leah said...

Im not sure, I left a comment on My Frugal Adventures asking where she found the list of products that qualify and if she responds I will let you know here. I do know that there are more products then what is pictured because the fine print says the Chex Cereals are included. I haven't been to the store yet, but im sure they are tagged on the shelf if they are part of the promo.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just left you that last message about the granola. I went to Safeway and they worked I also got 4 boxes of cereal, they took $4 off each deal but only printed one CAT, not sure what happened mabey I should have done 2 transactions, but I wanted to let you know that the price was great on the Granola clusters! Thanks for posting that! Kendra

Leah said...

Good to know :)

Keana C. said...

i did the granola nut clusters. Got them for free but no Catalina for capri sun printed out. The store manager there was nice enough to give me a free one though.

I am not the only one this happened to. I think the capri sun is only for the items pictured on that ad.

Nichole said...

Thanks for the Link up Leah!