Check out TAMMILEE TIPS: FREE $10 Mall gift card offer from the NorthTown and Valley Malls!

Check out this great offer that TAMMILEE TIPS found from the NorthTown and Valley Shopping Malls.

Click on TAMMILEE'S link (above), and simply follow the directions on her post to receive a $10.00 Gift Card Voucher from NorthTown or Valley Shopping Malls when you spend $75.00 between Sept. 17th and 20th. The Gift Card is good Mall Wide! Now I know why I have been putting off Colby's back to school shopping!


P.S. Another tip from TAMMILEE, you can get a totally free $10.00 Gift Card, choose the second option that says "Gift Card Voucher" instead of the first one that requires a $75.00 purchase. Thanks again Tammilee :)


Tammilee said...

When you sign up for the gift card they email you a voucher. You do not have to spend any money at the mall to get your voucher. You just have to go to the customer service desk to pick it up.
The mall gift cards can be used at any store within the mall.

Anonymous said...

I signed up on my lunch hour, today. It said there were 364 gift cards left for the valley mall. It asked for my email and said they would contact my via email. I haven't seen anything on my email, yet. Did I do it right?

Leah said...

There is some kind of problem with their system. I called the yesterday because I had not received my confirmation either, they said to email the corporate contact ( its that "contact us" link at the bottom of the page), tell them when you signed up and provide your email so that they can track it. I got a response that said it would take 2-3 days for them to figure it out. So, no, you didn't do anything wrong, they are having technical problems.