The birth of a coupon queen

August 13, 2009

A new coupon queen walks among us on the Northside!

Becky S., a full time mom of 2 and student, got all that stuff for $21.00 on the current Albertsons/Kraft Promotion. I dont have her receipts so I cannot provide the break-down but I wanted to put the photo up to show what a coupon newbie accomplished.

Awesome job Becky!

BTW, if your dropping in from Becky's facebook you will notice that I haven't said much about the current Albertsons/Kraft promotion. Im waiting until Sunday to see if Albertsons is going to give us some of their "twice the value" coupons and to see what new Manufacturer coupon can be matched up. If you would like to see examples with printable coupons of how to work this promotion now, visit both the Fabulesslyfrugal Gals and Frugal Chic Living blogs. Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back soon!

Thank You Very Much

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Charlene said...

Hey Leah-- I am so gladf it worked I haven't been able to get over there to test it! Thanks for the button love!

Charlene/My Frugal Adventures