Another awesome shopping day

August 14, 2009
Ok, what you see here is a combination of my forays into 4 different stores today. I spent more then I had anticipated, but I got some great deals (not all of it is in the photo though)

Stop #1 -
Walgreens on NW BLVD and Ash

1 Sharpies Accent pens, $1.00
2 Walgreens children's activity books (found in the pharmacy) .99 cents each
2 J & J Boxes of Bandaids, $2.99 each
2 Walgreens elastic bandages (not pictured) clearanced at $2.29 each (normally $5.?? each)
1 Flintstone gummy vitamins, $8.49
1 J & J First Aid Kit (not pictured) clearanced at $9.99 (normally $17.99)
1 Mystery Item that I cannot divulge because it will be a christmas present for $5.19 (normally $20.00)
$3.24 tax

Subtotal = $39. 45

-$2.00 off Walgreens coupon for Flintstone Gummie Vitamins (found in the back to school brochure)
-$1.00 PRINTABLE COUPON for Flintstone Vitamins
-$1.00 PRINTABLE COUPON for any Sharpie Highlighter Accents (ty krazy coupon lady)
-$3.50 RR from last week
- $2.00 RR from last week

Total Spent: $30.95
Total Saved: $40.01
and got a $4.00 RR for buying 2 boxes of bandaids.

I want to back track for a moment and touch on those Walgreens Activity Books, I had read about them on another blog (and I apologize to the lady who writes it because I cannot recall which one it was), but she was saying that they are very hard to find because not all Walgreens will carry them, so I wasn't expecting to find them at all but was hopeful because they come with a full page of Walgreens store coupons worth $19.00 and they dont expire until 03/30/2010. The Pharmacy at Walgreens on NW BLVD and Ash has several of them.

Stop #2:
Albertson's on NW BLVD

2 Spongebob Colgate Toothpaste, on sale 10 for $10.00
Tax .17

Subtotal: $2.17

2 .75 cents off MFR coupons, exp. 8/15

Total Spent: .67 cents
Total Saved: $4.28

Stop #3
Snyders/Franz Bakery Outlet on N. Monroe

2 loaves of Whole Grain White bread at .89 cents each
1 loaf of 7 Grain Pan Style bread at $1.19 each
1 package of Sourdough stadium buns at .89 cents

Subtotal: $3.86

Less my 50% off Snyder's store coupon

Total: $2.08 - which isnt quite 50% off, the cashier is new and took off 10% first then realized she made a mistake so took another 40% off. The Total should have been $1.93 but I still love the place, where else can you get 3 loaves of premium bread and a package of sourdough stadium buns for .52 cents each? I will never buy bread at the Grocery store again!

Stop #4
Safeway on Francis and Monroe

2 Lighthouse Salad Dressings at 2 for $5.00
2 - 24 ct. cases of Sierra Mist at $4.99 each
2 - 8 ct. Pringles to go, clearanced at $1.50 each
1 Sobe Life Water
4 Boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks at $2.00 each
MDA donation at $1.00
Tax .82 cents

Subtotal: $28.29

$4.00 Safeway store coupon for the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
$2.00 CPDEPT (what the?)
$1.49 Safeway Catalina for the Sobe Life Water
$4.60 in combined MFR coupons
$1.80 in combined E-coupons that I had downloaded onto my Safeway Card.

Total Spent: $15.40
Total Store savings: $19.14

And got a $2.50 OYNO for purchasing 4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, and a Thank You booklet for the MDA donation that has coupons worth $37.65 and a free coupon for 1 lb. of any Freshpet Product.
Total Recap:
Spent: $47.69
Saved: $65.21
Got $6.50 in combined RRs and OYNO = $41.19 spent

To be honest, it was th $2.50 OYNO that motivated me to go into Safeway today in the first place. I had been surfing around different blogs and found one called My Frugal Adventures that detailed a possible money making scenerio on the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks. I wanted to see if it was working here in WA, and it is. Charlene explains how to combine e-coupons with printable coupons and coupons from the Sunday paper to get 4 boxes of Fruit Snacks for $1.00 and get the $2.50 as well. For more information on how this deal works, and on E-coupons, click on the link above or her button over on the right under Blogs from around America. Thank you Charlene!

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