Home made Pizza for my picky eater

July 21, 2009 ( I dont know why blogger isnt putting dates on my post, so for the mean time until I figure it out I will put the date at the top of the post)

We have been trying to eat out of the freezer and pantry for the last 2 weeks and for my husband and I this has worked well but for our son not so much. He is (as many other mother's out there will understand) an extraordinarily picky eater. He maybe has a dozen things he will actually eat and this has presented a bit of a problem because here I am trying not to shop but finding our pantry doesn't neccessarily fit the bill for Colby and I am forced to purchase those things he will actually eat.

There have been days that the only nutritious thing I think he put in his mouth were his vitamins, and I have occasionally resorted to some trickery to get him to eat something that is good for him (like telling him that the Fruit Fusion Juice is Orange Kool-Aid)

One of the things he will eat is Pizza and he loves the little individual ones that Tonys pizza makes. They cost about $1.25 each, and you almost never ever find coupons for them. Even when I can find a buy on a store brand one, they still cost about $1.00 each.

So, this morning I thought I would try something to see if I could avoid running to the store today to buy him his much beloved little Pizzas. I had a box of Jiffy Pizza Crust Mix in the pantry, a jar of Ragu and the last bag of free cheese from the Albies Cheese run back in May.

I mixed up the Pizza dough and patted it into 4 little round - well - somewhat round crusts. I hope he doesn't notice that a couple of them are not exactly perfectly round. He has a tendency to reject things that he doesn't think look quite like the right shape he thinks they should be.

(Anyone remember Phil Hartman's SNL Anal Retentive Chef Skit?)

I finally figured out that I could pat the dough out on a little plate to keep it in shape, but I was half done by then. I baked the crust for 3 minutes and let it cool off.

Final result, 4 little personal Cheese Pizzas. I set the trays in the freezer and when they are frozen I will wrap them in cling wrap and hope hope hope that the boy will eat them.

And since I have an almost full jar of Ragu left I think instead of Rib eye for dinner tonight Im going to use up some Lasagna Noodles that have been sitting in the pantry for a while and make a Lasagna casserole for dinner tonight.



Anonymous said...

So did you succeed in fooling the little rascal?

Leah said...

Waiting till supper to spring it on him.