A Garden Update

Happy 4th of July !!!

So, its been a while since I mentioned my garden this year and I figured it was time for an update. The green beans that I had started early are doing great! I picked the first little batch of bush beans just yesterday and will be able to pick more on Sunday. The pole beans are climbing off the pole already and have started to bloom.

Here is my beet and lettuce patch, the lettuce is struggling a bit and Im not sure why, usually it is pretty easy to grow but for some reason this year its just not doing so well. We had to put a net over this garden spot for a while because the birds were eating the lettuce. I was able to pick some yesterday though and it made a delicious salad. I think the beets are doing ok, this is the first year I have grown them so if they aren't I wouldn't be able to tell. The black weedblocker between the rows is a life saver! It really has worked in regards to blocking weeds (which I seem to be able to grow really well) but the only place I need to weed is between the plants and that has made it much easier.

We also had some tomato plants, but they got the aphids real bad and I had to pull them out. I will plant a couple more and hopefully they will make it. I didn't figure out what was wrong with the tomato plants in time to save them.

This last photo is of my Squash garden. Its not a very good picture. We planted them on a slope that faces west in our back yard and they seem to love it there. I have 2 kinds of Acorn squash and another winter variety that I cant recall the name of right now.

These plants should produce enough squash to get through the whole winter with. I have 7 plants in this area and 3 more in the front yard flower beds. If each plant produces 3 or 4 squash I will probably be able to give several away.

We also planted a row of New Zealand Spinach and 6 Raspberry plants this year too and both are doing nicely.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!! We are going back up to the cabin at Deer Lake and spending the day with family.

Smiley Fireworks

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