The Green Beans


The weather finally warmed up enough for me to start seriously thinking about the garden. I usually have a small one every year but this year I decided to plant more green beans because my parents gave me a Presto Pressure Canner this winter and I want to can things like the green beans and maybe a few beets too.

I started 4 varieties of green beans and 2 types of squash inside in those Jiffy Pot green house thingys.

I have 2 types of Pole beans, Blue Lake and Kentucky Blue, 2 types of Bush beans, Tenderette and Blue Lake, as well as Burgess Buttercup squash and Table King bush Acorn squash.

And then, typical of my garden, the weeds popped up!

Besides the weeds, green beans, squash and beets I will have a small patch of salad greens and I also purchased 6 tomato plants from Gurney's this year, they looked pitiful when they arrived but are starting to perk up.
I am hoping to home can enough green beans and tomato sauce and salsa to get through the winter and thus, not have to purchase those items. The beets are for my mom and sister, they like them for some reason (I personally think they taste like dirt. )

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Anonymous said...

Beets only taste like dirt SMELLS! LOL
Between your beets and grandma's beets, I will be turning red this summer I guess... XOXO Great blog and don't pluck the weeds...yet :)