Eating out of the Pantry, Week 2

Well, so far my goal of not shopping for groceries and eating out of the pantry has been working out pretty good. My menu changed slightly as the week went by because I had more left overs then I had anticipated but that just meant I didn't have to cook as much as I had originally planned for.

I did have to buy Milk, which I got at Yokes for $1.68 a gallon (weekly sale),
Eggs for .77 cents a dozen from Fred Meyer,
Cheese, $3.99 for a 2 lb. block (x 2) from Fred Meyer
And Bread, 2 loafs of whole grain white bread and 1 loaf of round sour dough from the Snyders Bread Outlet for $2.97.

I have a new Menu for this next week (7/15 - 7/22).

I will be having a Garage Sale this Friday and Saturday. The weather was suppose to be nice and mild but today they are saying it is going to get into the 90s on those days so sitting in a hot garage wont be much fun. I will post some photos of my stuff later today and if your interested in coming by you can get the info Here

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